The Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC)-Dubai is the representative office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the United Arab Emirates.

PTIC-Dubai is part of the Philippine Foreign Trade Service Corps (FTSC) of the DTI's Office of the Secretary (OSEC).

Areas of coverage: Middle East and Africa.
Trade Promotion
PTIC-Dubai contributes to increasing and sustaining Philippine exports to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

Investment Promotion
PTIC-Dubai is involved in promoting increased investments into the Philippines among Middle East and African investors and overseas Filipinos.

Commercial Intelligence
PTIC-Dubai enables businesses and investors to make informed decisons on commercial matters through continuous generation of product and market information in the MEA region (i.e. trade developments, market opportunities, regulations and policies that may be promulgated which could affect Philippine exports and investments).

Trade Negotiations
PTIC-Dubai provides recommendations to capital and representations and negotiations on policy issues to protect and promote the economic and trading interests of the Philippines.

Services to Overseas Filipino Investors
PTIC-Dubai facilitates access to information on business opportunities, government regulations, procedures/requirements, and various market, technical, financing and management programs available for Overseas Filipino Investors.
Areas of Coverage: Middle East, Africa
Key Official

Charmaine Mignon S. Yalong
Commercial Attaché
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