Republic Act No. 11337

Republic Act No. 11337An Act Providing Benefits and Programs to Strengthen, Promote, and Develop the Philippine Startup Ecosystem Date of Issuance – April 26, 2019 Download Now!

Republic Act No. 10909

Republic Act No. 10909An Act Prohibiting Business Establishments from Giving Insufficient or no Change to Consumers and Providing Penalties Therefor Date of Issuance – July 21, 2016 Download Now!

Republic Act No. 10642

Republic Act No. 10642An Act strengthening Consumer Protection in the purchase of Brand New Motor Vehicles Date of Issuance – July 15, 2014 Download Now!

Republic Act No. 9178

Republic Act No. 9178Guide to R. A. 9178: Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) Act of 2002 Date of Issuance – 2010 Download Now!

Republic Act No. 9211

Republic Act No. 9211An Act Regulating the Packaging, Use, Sale, Distribution and Advertisements of Tobacco Products and for Other Purposes Date of Issuance – June 23, 2003 Download Now!