ASEAN Online Sale Day

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ASEAN Online Sale Day 2023

The ASEAN Online Sale Day (AOSD) is an annual ASEAN-wide event that aims to promote cross-border e-commerce among ASEAN countries, improve consumer trust in e-commerce, provide continuous sales opportunities for the participating businesses, particularly the MSMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthen partnerships between stakeholders and businesses, and raise awareness on the ASEAN identity and solidarity.

Participating e-commerce businesses and platforms will offer online discounts and promotions on ASEAN Day. Filipinos can avail of discounts from all participating e-commerce businesses and marketplaces in ASEAN countries.

The list of all participating merchants and platforms can be accessed through

Interested businesses can also participate in the physical AOSD in Semarang, Indonesia, on 19-22 August 2023 and feature their products at the assigned country booths. Participating businesses in the physical AOSD may also participate in the other components of the onsite activities, including an exclusive workshop on cross-border e-commerce and coaching sessions to help them access cross-border markets. Indonesia will shoulder the costs related to utilities, but businesses will shoulder the hotel and travel expenses.

How to participate in the ASEAN Online Sale Day 2023?

Who can participate?

E-commerce businesses, marketplaces and platforms:

  1. Selling goods and services online;
  2. Based in an ASEAN Member State;
  3. With legitimate businesses dealing in non-prohibited goods and services; and
  4. Who can promote cross-border e-commerce services under the AOSD (Tier 2 participants).

 Why should businesses and online marketplaces participate in the AOSD?

Participating e-commerce businesses, marketplaces and platforms will benefit from:

  1. Marketing boost from promotional campaigns in ASEAN Member States, which is home to more than 600 million consumers that are increasingly adapting to e-commerce. This includes marketing boost in ASEAN and DTI’s official publicity channels;
  2. Use of official AOSD logo in their marketing collaterals;
  3. Exemption from securing DTI promo permit for AOSD.

What marketing efforts ahead of the ASEAN Online Sale Day 2023?

  1. An official AOSD webpage ( will be launched on 08 August 2023.
  2. The webpage will feature the logos and hyperlinks of participating businesses and marketplaces to direct traffic to participating businesses’ websites.
  3. The ASEAN Secretariat will be conducting regional marketing campaigns to publicize the AOSD from July to August 2023.
  4. The DTI will also be conducting regional market campaigns such as info sessions to promote the AOSD and the participating Philippine businesses and marketplaces from July to August 2023. Certain Philippine-made products of participating businesses and marketplaces may also be highlighted in the marketing campaigns.

Expectations from Participating Businesses

Before the event

  1. Upon review and confirmation of the DTI, participating businesses and marketplaces will receive an official logo to display on their websites and platforms until 22 August 2023.
  2. Participating marketplaces shall provide the logo to merchants on their platforms.
  3. Participating businesses shall determine their own marketing strategies and discounts for the ASEAN Online Sale Day. Details of the sales discount shall be forwarded to DTI for reference and compliance checking purposes.
  4. As a government-led initiative, participating businesses are no longer required to secure sales promo permit from the DTI.

During the event

  1. The official event will be held on 08-10 August 2023.
  2. Participating businesses are encouraged to use ASEAN-related words in their discount codes as part of the ASEAN Online Sale Day (e.g. AOSD2023, ASEAN10). Sales discount and other promotions submitted by businesses and marketplaces to DTI in their application shall be honored by participating businesses and marketplaces as part of the requirement for the ASEAN Online Sale Day.
  3. DTI shall monitor, receive and process possible consumer complaints on the ASEAN Online Sale Day such as the application of discounts and non-delivery of purchased goods or services. The nominated focal points of participating businesses and marketplaces must coordinate and work with the DTI in resolving these complaints.

After the event

  1. Participating businesses shall remove the official logo and banner on 23 August 2023.
  2. To measure the success of the ASEAN Online Sale Day and improve future iterations of the event, participating businesses and marketplaces will be invited to share the sales outcomes of the initiative on a voluntary basis.
  3. A questionnaire will also be shared with all participating businesses and marketplaces to gather feedback on the event.

Consumer Visibility of the ASEAN Online Sale Day

National laws, rules and regulations on e-commerce consumer complaints of respective AMS will apply for Tier 1 (domestic e-commerce) transactions.

ASEAN-wide arrangements on resolving cross-border consumer complaints/dispute in relation to the AOSD for Tier 2 (cross-border e-commerce) transactions will be discussed and agreed upon by the Task Force, in coordination with the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection (ACCP).


For further questions and clarifications, you may contact the following DTI Lead Agencies:

  • Application and Enrollment:

Name: Ms. Marievic M. Bonoan

Designation: Director

Organization: DTI-Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion

Email Address:


Name: Ms. Imee Lopez

Designation: Go Lokal Project Officer

Organization: DTI-Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion

Email Address:


  • Marketing and Promotion:

Name: Mr. Rudolph Jay Velasco

Designation: Chief Trade Industry Development Specialist, Market Innovation Division

Organization: Export Marketing Bureau

Email Address:;



  • Consumer Protection:

Name: Ms. Mary Anne O. De Leon

Designation: Trade Industry Development Specialist

Organization:  DTI-Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau

Email Address:


  • ASEAN E-Commerce Matters:

Name:Mr. Jan Redmond Dela Vega

Designation: Senior Trade-Industry Development Specialist, Regional Relations and Arrangements Division (ASEAN)

Organization: DTI-Bureau of International Trade Relations

Email Address: