To continuously strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities of MSMEs amid COVID-19 pandemic, the ASEAN SME Academy offers the following new online learning courses from Adobe:

Fundamentals: Learn Digital Marketing ConceptsFundamentals: Learn Digital Marketing Concepts (

Learn how you can use Marketo’s powerful automation to engage with buyers in a meaningful and consistent way across their online experiences and deliver results.
Email Marketing (

Engage your audience with personalized emails at scale.
All About Marketing Automation – What it is & Why it works (

Hear how you can respond to prospective buyers anywhere and everywhere, at any moment in time with triggered campaigns–from scoring specific actions to
prioritizing leads for sales to creating timely emails from website visits.
Email Deliverability 101: 4 Tips to Inbox Success (

Deliverability is an interesting beast. Spam filters and email UIs change frequently, malware and phishing campaigns are growing in number, and newlaws and compliance regulations are altering the data privacy landscape. With the right approach, you can overcome an ever-evolving email ecosystem.
Five (5) Mistakes We’ve Made with Digital Advertising and How to Avoid Them (

As more B2B marketers look to programmatic advertising solutions, it’s important to have an intelligent strategy and avoid the common pitfalls that trap many modern marketers. Learn from the combined 15 years of experience of Marketo Engage champions as they walk through some of the biggest blunders they’ve made with digital advertising campaigns so that you don’t have to repeat them.

ASEAN SME Academy is a self-paced online learning tool for Southeast Asian SMEs. The Academy offers more than 60 free online courses specifically developed and tailored to meet the needs of startups, growing enterprises, and ready to export businesses operating in the ASEAN region.♦

Date of Release: 16 July 2020