To boost the digital capability of MSMEs which will further strengthen their competitiveness, we would like to inform you that the ASEAN SME Academy ( offers the following new online learning courses from OpenSAP, a SAP’s free learning platform for everyone interested in learning about SAP’s latest innovations and how to survive in the digital economy:

Enterprise Architecture in the Era of the Intelligent EnterpriseEnterprise Architecture in the Era of the Intelligent Enterprise. Learn about how enterprise architecture is a key enabler in making the Intelligent Enterprise a success.
Internet of Things with SAPThe Internet of Things with SAP. Learn about industrial IoT solutions. The course will focus on smart connected operations to create products and services that improve business outcomes from connected things.
Intrapreneurship – Employee-driven InnovationIntrapreneurship – Employee-driven Innovation. Learn about the concept of intrapreneurship, the opportunities it provides for employees and companies, and the various practical tools you can use to identify, evaluate, and successfully channel ideas to decision-makers and make them a reality.
Sustainability Learning from Leading CompaniesSustainability: Learning from Leading Companies. Learn how to make sustainability a core part of your corporate strategy and how to execute such a strategy to achieve a positive impact. You’ll learn from senior executives from a variety of companies who’ve successfully implemented sustainability practices.
Design Thinking and Challenge ManagementDesign Thinking and Challenge Management: Learn about Dr. Wladimir Klitschko’s Challenge Management philosophy and how the combination with Design Thinking fosters innovation on an enterprise and personal level. Coupling both methodologies provides professionals with the tools and methods to transform and innovate the businesses they are working in, and to develop personal skills to face the challenges that arise with digital transformation.
Digital Supply Chain – From Design to OperateDigital Supply Chain – From Design to Operate: Learn how important the intelligent digital supply chain is to ensure a streamlined supply chain, not only across your company departments, but also with the ecosystem of customers, suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics service providers, and other partners.
Cloud-Native Development with SAP Cloud PlatformCloud-Native Development with SAP Cloud Platform: Learn and experience how a microservice-based cloud-native development with SAP Cloud Platform works. This is an advanced course aimed primarily at developers and application and technology consultants, teaching hands-on the important concepts of developing innovative cloud applications.
Sustainability through Digital TransformationSustainability through Digital Transformation: Learn about the evolution of sustainability within organizations in the areas of integrated reporting, social and environmental impact creation, and responsible investment. Be familiar with recent sustainability frameworks, inc

Date of Release: 19 August 2020