Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat!

It is my pleasure to be here virtually for the IP Masterclass for Madrid Protocol. This training event is something that should not be missed, particularly by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who want to be successful in the global market. 

While it is now very easy to access international consumers through digital platforms, it is vital that your brands are protected from unlawful acts in the international market. Illegal copying or distribution of your products and ideas can be prevented through trademark registration in the countries where you do business.

The good news is that with the Madrid Protocol, you no longer need to personally go to all the countries where you need to your brand to be registered. By filing a single application in IPOPHL, you can obtain registration in multiple countries through this easy and cost-effective system. The Madrid Protocol is an international filing system that connects trademark offices worldwide.

As of July 2021, there are 399 Madrid International Applications (outbound) that originated from the Philippines. This is very small compared to 50,917 Madrid International Registrations (inbound) that came into the country. The large number of inbound registrations means that a lot of foreign brands have entered the Philippine market, bringing in new businesses and boosting our economy.

However, this also means that only a few potential exporters in the country have taken advantage of this opportunity to enhance their competitiveness in the world market.

Hence, we are thankful to IPOPHL and the Bureau of Trademarks for this initiative that will help bring out the huge potential of Filipino MSMEs to make their mark internationally.

May this Masterclass result in breakthroughs for many MSMEs, fulfilling the vision of President Rodrigo Duterte “for Philippine enterprises to successfully compete in global markets and provide employment opportunities for Filipinos”.

Maraming salamat and good luck sa inyong lahat!

Date of Release: 14 October 2021