Good afternoon to everyone.

I’m just joining basically Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade, Cabinet Secretary Nograles at ating mga kasama in really giving our support to their project NEHEMIA ng napakasipag at very dynamic Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) DG Jeremiah Belgic. We we’re just together yesterday launching the digital app in the IPO Philippines.

Kasabay na balita po kahapon din ongoing ‘yung isang NEHEMIA flagship program on housing. Sabay sabay talaga. So many things happening in this at the Duterte administration; the dedication and commitment of our President in really taking the lead in addressing the real problem in red tape. Together with our private partners, you’re helping us a lot to solve the perennial problem on red tape.

NEHEMIA project is a laudable program because it really removes the silo mentality. To me and to many, ang talagang solution naman natin sa multi-agency issues is really how to have convergence and convergence approach in many of the problems that have been with us, with the country for so many decades. Ang solution talaga dito ay convergence.

In the same way that we are trying to converge, let’s say even in the task of starting a business. Isa po sa project na ilo-launch with the big help from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is really to have an end-to-end app, a program kung saan isang registration in starting a business, registering the business. Imbis na pipila ka SEC, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, SSS and then pipila ka nanaman sa Mayor’s permit, business permit then you go to the BIR so many agencies, this time hopefully in one seating, in one app you will have an end-to-end application all-digital, all with the power of your smartphone. Everything will be here. Hopefully this is a program na magiging legacy po ng ating Pangulong Duterte to make lives comfortable. ‘Yun lang po ang pinaka-vision and project NEHEMIA is one such program.

The program the you did in the Telco towers, what you are doing now in logistics this one-card approach is really the solution – always have a one-stop shop type of operation.

We’re very grateful po in behalf of ARTA Council that all the relevant agencies are really committed as well, together with our President, in solving many issues in the bureaucracy in cutting red tapes.

This single-pass approach is really a game changer by having one pass, all-digital at napakadali ng registration because at the end of the day ‘pag na register naman ‘yan and the fee is paid digitally also, the fee can simply be remitted to the relevant agency and it’s that’s simple. At the end of the day, its really connecting the revenues for each. So isa na lang ang babayaran mo, it will be remitted to the relevant agencies. That’s the key in many of our registration processes and that’s what we are doing also in starting a business and all those indicators in Ease of Doing Business.

Hopefully, in this approach natin sa NEHEMIA logistics is to be able to address the ultimate challenge, which is the cost of logistics, total operating cost. The last I think it’s a World Bank

study sa ating kasama Dr. Robby Galang na Philippines has the highest 7% of total cost of logistics. What we are trying to achieve is at least be better in Vietnam and Indonesia. Vietnam has 16%, Indonesia has 21%. So, we just started even 15% how can we lower logistics cost to 15%? Malaking tulong ‘yan sa business sector, ating mga kasama sa federation.

I’m sure all those in the business sector will be very, very grateful if we are able to achieve this by simply merging all these processes – simplifying, streamlining, and automating. That will be to us a clear solution.

I think some test that we’ve done also in PEZA may mga streamlining efforts so congratulations PEZA. We have to do more also. So, with that, I think we really have to stay the course and give our full commitment.

DTI gives its full commitment in this effort project NEHEMIA. Once again, congratulations and our big support to this project.

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat!♦

Date of Release: 22 October 2020