13 June 2018, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

Our good Secretary Boy dela Peña will be speaking in behalf of the President and will be delivering the keynote. So I told myself that I will be limiting myself to expressing our deepest gratitude and thanks to the SEIPI group—the semiconductors and electronics industry, which as we know is a big driver of the economy.

A big thank you for really helping us develop the PATHS, the Product and Technology Holistic Strategy, which is really the industry roadmap. We are really interested in working the out, of course with SEIPI (Semiconductor and Electronics Industries of the Philippines, Foundation, Inc) and the authority among all the Cabinets, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). We’re fortunate to have with us Secretary dela Peña who has helped us a lot in the roadmap.

As we know, your industry accounts for a significant contribution to our economy. On exports, you account for 50% and you still do. And you still are performing above par and it’s good that that over 50% performs positively to the tune of 5 – 6%, I think, the latest figure.

I know that you can grow more, with the new products that you develop, higher value, new designs, market-driven products that you will be churning out from your group.

On the GDP, I understand that you also account for more than 10%–especially on that manufacturing sector, which is really a good story to tell nowadays, as we experience that 6.8-6.9% GDP growth.

We are all bragging about the fast growth of manufacturing leading the way at 8% growth rate—which is quite above average and a really far cry from what we are hitting two or three years ago, at a level of above 3%.

Your sector accounts for about 3 million in terms of employment. As you know President Duterte’s administration is not only about projecting and promoting innovative and inclusive industries, it’s really about creating jobs: jobs that will uplift the lives of our countrymen, jobs that will eradicate poverty.

We really bank on this sector because you are the future. You are helping us in the past, but you are still the future because you are the source of these new innovations and technology.

Again I would like to thank SEIPI and DOST for the completion of the PATHS project. Also thanks to the DOST PCIERD for their support in the completion of the PATHS project

The PATHS will steer the technological direction of the Philippine industry towards becoming an innovation-led industry, which is also strategy of the Department of Trade and Industry.

This project was funded by DTI-BOI amounting to Php 2.85 million and implemented by DOST-PCIEERD through SEIPI

Our long term vision is for the industry to generate US$ 5 billion investments, US$ 50 billion exports, and 13.5 million direct and indirect employment.

The PATHS will identify emerging products and technology in the next five years and identify the right conditions to create an environment conducive to the transfer of new technologies to the Philippines, the shift to higher-value manufacturing, and optimum socio-economic environment to sustain growth of the industry.

This is where we really would like to work closely with your sector. I know that there are a lot of concerns. But we really want to provide you with the right policy and industry reforms that will really prepare us for a better future and a faster growth for the industry.

We have to work closely in generating ideas for policy and program support that you will need in the industry.

The DTI and the DOST is also working towards the Inclusive Innovation Centers. We are tying up with experts and partners from technology and R&D institutions, universities, and corporations. This is something Seretary dela Peña may be mentioning.

This effort will really help us product development, design, high-performance chips, and semiconductor products that will really have high market potential.

Again your government, under President Duterte of course, will help in implementing this roadmap, to help us create a better macroeconomic and industry environment for your sector.

Thank you once again.  Good Morning. I’m sorry, I’ll be running in a while for the Ease of Doing Business Summit that is scheduled before 10 am this morning. We are basically running that program. So thank you once again.♦