#DTIMalasakit Story from DTI-Region 5 (Catanduanes)

It truly is the generation of women empowerment. As a wife, mother, and a passionate businesswoman, Miraflor D. Padilla successfully juggles her roles on a daily basis. She believes that every opportunity is a chance to learn, reach out and explore new possibilities.

A native of Bacon, Sorsogon, Miraflor learned early in life that there is no such thing as easy money. She is the second eldest in a brood of eight. Growing up, she was taught different skills to increase their family’s income. It included making mats, cooking different goods as well as selling vegetables at the break of dawn just to provide for herself and her siblings money for school. She dealt with bruised hands during her childhood as she helped her family financially. She was the only one who did not shy from those responsibilities.After finishing college, Miraflor married outside of Sorsogon, finally settling down in Virac, Catanduanes. Her husband’s family owns a pop rice business or known locally as “ampaw”. Her father-in-law managed the business so she got involved only in production and packaging. After her father-in-law died, her husband took over the business. Sadly, he was not able to manage production well and a lot of re-sellers became dissatisfied with their service. By March 2017 her husband gave her the steering wheel as he saw her potential in running the business.

After merely two years, the business had remarkable progress under Miraflor’s management. They expanded their production area that allowed them to deliver their products in volume to a big wholesale store. Her recent engagements with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) resulted in innovative products to cater to different buyers. They now offer long rice, popcorn and pop rice coated with chocolate. These tasty treats were recently re-packaged to give them a classy look intended for the target customers in pasalubong shops and mall stalls.

With KMME Mentor, Sir Paulo Tibig, an Angelpreneur – an encounter which she considers significant in her business outlook

As she journeys further into the business world, she emphasized how DTI-Negosyo Center helped her in all her endeavors and challenges. She stated that every seminar she took expanded her knowledge and the skills training opened new opportunities for her business. During the summer, Miraflor was offered to join the KMME, a mini business course which she did not hesitate to take. Her eagerness to grow sets her apart from other clients as she is willing to take constructive criticism just to improve. She believes that there is no easy road when it comes to business and thus, strives to comply with requirements and licenses before stepping up to the next level. The journey is a long way to go but rest assured that DTI will be with her with every step closer to her dream.♦

Published in Pilipino Mirror on 4 September 2019.