The Department of Trade and Industry issued the Department Administrative Order (DAO) 21-08, series of 2021, or the “The New Technical Regulation Concerning the Mandatory Product Certification of Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures (CPFs)”. DAO 21-08 formally took effect on 22 December 2021, 15 days after its publication in The Philippine Star and Daily Tribune last 7 December.

ceramic sink

DAO 21-08 added ceramic shower bases to the list of sanitary wares subject to mandatory certification alongside bidets, lavatories, sinks (laboratory sinks, laundry sinks, service sinks, and utility sinks), urinals, and water closets. The same shall be tested against the PNS 156:2010 through the structural integrity test and shall have a minimum slope of 1% and a maximum of 4% to the waste outlet.

The shower bases may be certified under either the Philippine Standard (PS) Safety Certification Mark Licensing Scheme for locally or foreign manufactured products or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) for those that are imported without a valid PS License. For imported products with valid PS License, each shipment from PS licensed foreign manufacturers shall secure a Statement of Confirmation (SOC) from the Bureau. All manufacturers and importers shall be required to undergo the mandatory PS, Statement of Confirmation (SOC), and/or ICC procedures after six (6) months from the date of effectivity of DAO 21-08. Meanwhile, all importations of the same ordered and paid prior to DAO 21-08’s effectivity shall be exempted from the certification requirements provided that the shipment shall arrive in the Philippine ports not later than 12 months from the effectivity of the Order.

To ensure strict compliance for ceramic shower bases, DTI monitoring and enforcement shall be conducted 24 months after the effectivity of DAO 21-08. After which, only ceramic shower bases bearing a valid PS Mark or ICC sticker shall be distributed in the local market.

“As time passes, the increase in the number of products being subjected under mandatory certification reflects the Department’s continuing effort of upholding Filipinos’ right to safe and high-quality products and its responsibility to guarantee that what consumers utilize inside their homes serve their purpose,” stated BPS Director Neil P. Catajay.

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Date of Release: 10 January 2022