The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) issued the Department Administrative Order (DAO) 21-08, series of 2021 or “The New Technical Regulation Concerning the Mandatory Product Certification of Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures (CPFs)”. The said DAO took effect on 22 December 2021, 15 days after its publication in The Philippine Star and Daily Tribune last 7 December 2021.

Ceramic lavatory, water closet, urinal, and sink

DAO 21-08 updates the reference standard for the regulation of CPFs from PNS 156:2000 to PNS 156:2010. The following CPFs are now covered under the new DAO: bidets, lavatories, sinks (laboratory sinks, laundry sinks, service sinks, and utility sinks), urinals, water closets and shower bases.

The PS Quality Certification Mark Licensing Scheme are available to both local and foreign manufacturers selling or distributing CPFs in the Philippine market. Processing of applications under the same replaces the PS Licensing Scheme under DAO 4:2008, subject to the requirements and transitory provisions stated in the DAO.

Meanwhile, importers shall secure either a Statement of Confirmation (SOC) for PS certified CPFs or an Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) for non-PS certified CPFs on a per shipment per Bill of Lading/Airway Bill basis.

To verify conformance to the product testing requirements the schemes follows the test procedures prescribed by PNS 156:2010 for CPFs and PNS 2085:2011 for CPFs – Pail flush water closets.

DAO No. 21-08 also prescribes the following marking and labeling requirements:



Permanent Markings

  1. Correct and registered trade name, trade mark, or brand name;

  2. Brand name and/or model number;

  3. Water level mark – for water closets with gravity flush tanks;


Water Consumption Labels

  1. A gummed label placed in a visible location on the fixture with the corresponding water consumption in liters per flush (Lpf)
  1. Manufacturer’s name or registered trademark or, in the case of private labeling, the name of the customer for whom the fixture was manufactured;

  2. Address of the manufacturer;

  3. Importer’s name and address, if imported;

  4. Type/Model Number;

  5. The words “Made in the Philippines” (for imported products, Country of manufacture should be reflected on the packaging);

  6. Lot/Batch Number;

  7. PS Mark with License Number (for PS License holders)

To explain the regulation to manufacturers, importers, and other stakeholders, the DTI-BPS conducted a public consultation on the new technical regulation for CPFs last 7 October 2021 wherein the salient features of the DAO were discussed. This was attended by relevant stakeholders including DTI’s regional and provincial offices. Questions were answered by the experts from the BPS’ Standards Conformity Division (SCD).

As for the recently covered shower bases, all manufacturers and importers shall be required to undergo the mandatory PS, SOC, and/or ICC procedures after six (6) months from the date of effectivity of the DAO. Meanwhile, all importations of the same ordered and paid prior to the DAO’s effectivity shall be exempted from the certification requirements provided that the shipment shall arrive in the Philippine ports not later than twelve (12) months from the effectivity of the Order.

“Updates on the reference standards in DTI-BPS’ technical regulations manifest our commitment to ensure that these remain relevant with the on-going developments in the manufacture of products under the BPS Mandatory Certification Schemes. This is of course on top of our obligation to guarantee that only safe and quality products are placed in the Philippine market. Further, the DTI-BPS will always make certain that all developments being made in our certification activities will be clearly communicated to manufacturers, importers, and other interested stakeholders,” stated BPS Director Neil P. Catajay.

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Date of Release: 10 January 2022