The Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP) is mandated to promote, accelerate and regulate the growth and development of the construction industry in conformity with national goals. Through CIAP’s licensing arm, the Philippine Construction Accreditation Board (PCAB), the government ensures that all contractors are reliable, competent and qualified to engage in construction contracting business in the country. PCAB revokes and/or suspends the license offering contractors. With the help of the Philippine Domestic Construction Board (PDCB), another implementing arm of CIAP, appropriate policies and guidelines for pre-qualification, bidding and contract award for public infrastructure projects are formulated and recommended. CIAP assures that Filipinos receive premium service through government infrastructure projects.

The CIAP, through PDCB, implements the Construction Performance Evaluation System (CPES), a uniform rating system for evaluating the performance of constructors based on a set of criteria. These are workmanship, materials used in the construction, timeliness, facilities, environmental safety and health and human resources deployment during construction. Its implementation is governed by Section 12, Annex E of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act). The evaluation is done at certain stages during the actual construction of the project, and upon its completion.

Based on the CPES results, among others, contractors are blacklisted by various infrastructure agencies (agency-level). The list are consolidated and submitted by PDCB to the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) are posted at the GPPB website for reference by the Bids and Awards Committees of various agencies. The Consolidated Blacklisting Report contains the list of contractors blacklisted by the procuring entities.

Based on the List of Consolidated Blacklisted Contractors at GPPB website, as of 30 September 2016, there are 36 blacklisted contractors. Thirty-two (32) of which were blacklisted by various government infrastructure agencies due to the following grounds/offenses: rescission of the contract due to failure to complete the project, abandonment of the contract/project, intolerable negative slippage, failure to comply with contractual obligations/contract violations, failure to comply with any lawful instructions, falsification of public documents, quality of materials not complying with the approved plan and specs, poor performance or unsatisfactory quality of work and termination of the Contract.

Contractors included in the Blacklist are not allowed to participate in any government procurement or bidding during the period of disqualification.

The following is a list of agency-blacklisted contractors as of 30 September 2016:

  • National Housing Authority (NHA):
    • A. P. Torres, B.J. Contractors
    • Constructive Builder, Inc.
    • Ramona Mining and Development Corp.
  • National Power Corporation (NPC):
    • Al-alamiah Construction
    • Sarbet Builders
  • Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS):
    • Alpha Trine Motors Corporation
    • Infra-Structural Construction
    • R. T. Katigbak Construction Corporation
    • Stern Builders Corporation
  • Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) & Department of Transportation (DOTr):
    • AQA Global Construction
  • Department of Education (DepEd):
    • ARPEE Construction & Supply
    • F.N.A. Construction
  • Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH):
    • B.E. Construction, J.R.
    • Maliwanag Trading and Construction
    • Jonice Engineering Construction
    • Suzuka Construction Co., Ltd.
    • Villcruz Construction and Supply
  • AFP:
    • DJ Builders Corporation
  • National Irrigation Administration (NIA): 
    • E.S. Almuete Construction
    • Francis Lim Construction
  • Local Government of Quezon City:
    • HUXLEY Builders General Contractor
  • Philippine Army:
    • MECON Systems Services and Maintenance Products
    • MRRM Trading and Construction
    • Northstar IBEX Construction Corporation
  • Municipality of Calamba:
    • River Concrete Construction and Development Corporation
  • Philippine National Police (PNP) Region 8:
    • Ruby Lim Construction and Supplies Incorporated
  • Philippine Ports Authority (PPA):
    • S&W Construction and Gen. Merchandise
  • Department of Health (DOH):
    • Square ‘R’ Builders and Development Corp.
  • City of Zamboanga:
    • WERR Corporation International.

For updates and lists of blacklisted contractors, please visit the GPPB website (

Four (4) contractors were blacklisted by the PCAB due to either of the following offenses: misinterpretation of financial qualification, submission of spurious contractor’s license, submission of spurious or false documents or misinterpretation of Sustaining Technical Employee (STE). These contracting companies are Geety Realty & Development Corp., Lime Light Construction, R2D Construction & Supply, and Transpower Builders and Development Corporation.

A blacklisted contractor will automatically be removed from the blacklisting on the succeeding licensing period after payment of the appropriate penalty, unless the blacklisting agency requests the GPPB to maintain the blacklisted person/entity in the GPPB Consolidated Blacklisting Report due to justifiable reasons. In the latter case, the blacklisted person/entity shall be delisted only upon the blacklisting agency’s issuance of a Delisting Order.

View the list of licensed contractors by the PCAB.