DTI GCG "No to Mediocrity"
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) collaborated with the Governance Commission for Government Owned and Control Corporations (GCG) in encouraging Government Owned and Control Corporations (GOCC) to innovate and enhance the delivery of services to the public by taking up the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) challenge.
During the recent PQA Learning Session for GOCCs, GCG Board Secretary Atty Christina Faye Condez lauded the DTI for its commitment to encourage and engage public and private organizations to strive for and attain performance excellence.
“We are truly honored to be working with Philippine Quality Award Program in the war against mediocrity. May this orientation enable us to push the boundaries of performance and governance and ultimately strive for excellence in quality and productivity.” Atty. Condez said.
The Philippine Quality Award is a global competitiveness template that encourages and engages public and private organizations and stakeholders to strive and attain performance excellence. It is the highest national quality award program in the country patterned after the prestigious U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence program.
The DTI-Competitiveness Bureau, as the PQA implementing agency, promotes the application of PQA framework to public and private organizations to be able to assess organizational performance. The PQA framework allows an organization to undergo a thorough evaluation of their performance by a panel of experts and assessors and benchmark for exceptional management practices.
During the briefing, Asec. Pacheco informed the attendees about the on-going preparations by DTI for the 19th cycle of the PQA Program. “Our goal is to identify and recognize Filipino organizations, whether public or private, which adhere to PQA criteria, specifically: a) Leadership b) Strategy c) Customers d) Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management e) Workforce  f) Operations and g) Results.” Pacheco explained.
The PQA Learning Session was organized by DTI-Competitiveness Bureau and GCG, and was attended by 111 participants , of which 49 expressed interest to join the PQA’s 19th cycle.♦