The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has approved the creation of the International Electrotechnical Commission – National Committee of the Philippines (IEC-NCP) to guide, set strategic direction, and manage all IEC-related activities throughout the country.

Trade Secretary Ramon M. Lopez signed the Department Administrative Order (DAO) 16-02 Series of 2016 creating the IEC-NCP and ensuring proper Philippine government and private sector representations in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and active participation in the IEC International Standards (IS) development programs that are of interest to the Philippines.

The DTI- Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) Officer-in-Charge Atty. Marimel D. Porciuncula underscores that, “As the National Standards Body (NSB), the Philippines through the DTI-BPS should maintain its membership and that is should be appropriately represented in the IEC. International Standards on electrotechnology encourage economic growth and ensure that electric and electronic products are safe and efficient. Thus, it is imperative that Philippine National Standards (PNS) are aligned to IEC International Standards.” The Philippines has held full member status in the IEC since 1997.

The BPS DAO No. 16-02 or the creation of the International Electrotechnical Commission – National Committee of the Philippines (IEC-NCP) took effect after its publication in a national newspaper of general circulation last 18 October 2016.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a non-profit organization, non-governmental organization that publishes consensus-based International Standards (IS) that manages conformity assessment systems for electric and electronic products, systems and services collectively known as electrotechnology. IEC publications serve as basis for country standardization activities and facilitate world trade by providing common standards for use of its members.

Based on DAO 16-02, the IEC-NCP shall be composed of a president/chairman; secretary; administrator; and members. The DTI-Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) Director/ Designated Head shall act as the Secretary of the committee. As much, he/she shall oversee the implementation of activities; and, serve as the Focal Point for developing consensus, and coordinating the national position on IEC-related issues.

The National Committee President/Chairman shall be elected by the committee members representing stakeholders from each field of the Philippine electrotechnical sector.  The term of office of the elected president and members shall be two (2) years from the date of election. Meanwhile, the Chief of the BPS Standards Development Division (SDD) shall assume the position of an Administrator tasked to monitor the implementation and coordination of programs and activities.

The Implementing Rules and Guidelines of the IEC-NCP are currently being finalized and will be the subject of public consultation/s.