The Department of Trade and Industry’s Bureau of Philippine Standards’ (DTI-BPS) Technical Committee on Packaging and Packaging Materials (BPS/TC 40), and its Sub-Committees on Glass Containers (SC 1) and Paper Packaging (SC 2), conducted an Awareness Seminar on the Standardization of Packaging and Packaging Materials in the Central Philippines University (CPU) in Jaro, Iloilo City on 04 July 2019. In collaboration with the Packaging Institute of the Philippines, the seminar aimed to raise the awareness and possible involvement of the students and faculty of CPU in the standardization activities of packaging and packaging materials.

The CPU is the only university in the Philippines that offers a curriculum on Packaging Engineering. The Packaging Engineering students are active users of Philippine National Standards (PNS) and other International Standards, particularly standards on test methods as CPU maintains a laboratory for research and development. The awareness seminar educated the participants on the importance of standards in the packaging Engineering course and to the packaging industry in general. The DTI-BPS informed the CPU that the test procedures being carried out in their Packaging Testing Laboratory is not only a concern by a national agency such as DTI through BPS, but is also being discussed as well in international meetings such as in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Among the esteemed resource speakers of the event are:

  • Mr. Anthony San Mateo of the San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC) – Chairman of BPS/TC40
  • Engr. Johnson Arcega of the Cold End Department of SMYPC – Convenor of the Sub-committee on Glass Containers,
  • Mr. Henry Gaw of the Integrated Packaging Logistics Manufacturing Incorporated – Vice Chairman of BPS/TC 40 and Convenor of the Sub-committee on Paper Packaging,
  • Mr. Silvestre Yraola III of the JG Summit – from the Packaging Institute of the Philippines (PIP).

The DTI-BPS Technical Committee on Packaging and Packaging Materials (BPS/TC 40) develops Philippine National Standards (PNS) and adopts appropriate International Standards to support and sustain the growing industry of packaging. BPS/TC 40 mirrors the standardization activities of International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 122 (ISO/TC 122). BPS/TC 40 is responsible for the standardization in the field of packaging with regard to terminology and definitions, characteristics, performance requirements and tests, and utilization of related technologies on packaging.

With the rising movement towards sustainable living, the packaging industry aims to explore ways to minimize its impact to the environment by making use of innovative packaging technologies. The event also emphasized the need to continuously review the social significance of packaging through harmonization and promotion of standards.

The DTI-BPS is the National Standards Body of the Philippines. It is the country’s member to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).♦

Date of Release: 16 August 2019