Attendees of the virtual orientation of DTI-CB

As part of its efforts to promote the use of Domestic Preference among government agencies, the Department of Trade and Industry-Competitiveness Bureau (DTI-CB) held a virtual orientation among procurement and Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) officers from the Department of Health (DOH) on 9 August 2021.

Leading the Domestic Bidders (DoBid) Team, DTI-CB Director Lilian G. Salonga introduced that the Domestic Preference is a vital government assistance to the local industries during this pandemic. “We are looking at the government as the single largest procuring entity that can be able to help us promote opportunities to MSMEs as the economy will rebound.”

Director Salonga and DoBid Program Officer Cindy Falcutila discussed what the DoBid Certificate of Preference is and how it can be integrated to the DOH’s procurement-related activities.

In his message, DOH Procurement Service Officer-in-Charge Atty. Paul L. Guimbarda stressed their appreciation to the DTI-CB for its efforts to support the local industries and promote the use of the domestic preference at this time. “There is a need for us to emphasize the Domestic Bidders Certificate of Preference in our bidding documents especially since some of our procurement parties are not yet aware of this.”

To avail of the Domestic Preference, a company needs to apply to the DTI-CB by submitting complete documents, paying fee, and passing physical inspection. Once approved, the Certificate provides 15% competitive edge for local manufacturers, growers, and producers during government bidding.

A total of 25 participants attended the said event. Another orientation with the DOH’s local suppliers and procurement partners will also be done by September.

Date of Release: 19 August 2021