The official guidelines on how to prepare and conduct mandatory inspections for the Domestic Bidders (DoBid) Certification was released, 2 June 2021. The The Department of Trade and Industry – Competitiveness Bureau (DTI-CB) Team published the said guidelines to standardize inspections among companies applying for the Certificate of Preference.

The DoBid Inspection Guidance Document covers three possible models of DoBid mandatory inspections—physical inspection, remote/virtual assessment, and blended procedure. Guidelines as to what to prepare and expect pre, during, and post-inspection were also specified.

Conducting mandatory inspections is part of the four-step evaluation procedure of DoBid to assess whether the bidder-applicant is growing, producing, and/or manufacturing their applied goods in the country. To date, the DoBid Secretariat has already conducted around 30 inspections among manufacturing facilities throughout the country.

The document can be accessed thru this link:

Date of Release: 2 June 2021