In solidarity with different consumer groups in over 100 countries around the world, the Department of Trade and Industry commemorates this year’s World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) through the Consumer Care Webinar Series this March.

The consumer movement, through the Consumers International (CI), marks the 15th of March as WCRD to highlight issues on consumerism and raise awareness on consumer rights, consumer protection and empowerment. This year’s WCRD carries the theme, “Fair Digital Finance,” and calls for a global movement to ensure fair digital finance that is inclusive, safe, data protected and private, and sustainable.

As a firm response, the DTI – Consumer Protection Group, through its Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau (CPAB), will foster public discourse on fair financial services in the digital world in its Consumer Care Webinar Series. The following are the webinar topics that are lined up for March 2022:

1 March:   Consumer Protection in Digital Financial Services;

8 March:   Consumer Protection and Security Policies of e-Payment Platforms;

16 March:   Tips for Tax Payers and Online Filing of Taxes;

22 March:   Consumer Tips in Managing Credit Cards and Maintaining a Good Credit Standing;

29 March:   Guidebook on Basic Banking and Financial Transactions.

“The DTI encourages all consumers to observe the WCRD and learn more on digital finance by joining us in our Consumer Care Webinar Series,” said DTI Consumer Protection Group Undersecretary Atty. Ruth B. Castelo as well as the international celebration of the WCRD on March 15.

The DTI Consumer Care Webinar Series is a regular virtual program conducted through Zoom and Facebook Live, every Tuesday, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

For details and updates on the succeeding webinars and details on the March 15 WCRD celebration, consumers are advised to regularly check the DTI Consumer Care social media pages. For consumer-related concerns and queries, send an email to or call the One-DTI (1-384) Hotline.

Date of Release: 2 March 2022