MAKATI CITY – Aligned with the national innovation agenda of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., the Department of Trade and Industry, through the Bureau of Import Service (DTI-BIS), soft launched the Trade Remedy Electronic Filing System (TREFS), an electronic filing system that is set to ease and innovate the lodging and management of trade remedy petitions in the country. Apart from the soft launching of TREFS, the DTI-BIS also conducted an orientation seminar on Philippine free trade agreements (FTAs) that was held on 19 December 2023 in Makati City. 

“The soft launching of TREFS is a prime example of the DTI’s innovative approach to easing our ways of doing business in the trade industry,” said Secretary Pascual.

“This is our way forward, led by the DTI-BIS, as we address the challenges faced by our domestic producers in navigating the complexities of filing trade remedy petitions,” he added. 

TREFS enables 24/7 access, ensuring the convenience of the stakeholders and clients to submit essential documents at their own pace. By utilizing the system, domestic producers will experience a streamlined submission process, providing step-by-step guidance on the filing of trade remedy petitions and extensions. Additionally, timely notifications (instant alerts from the system) will ensure prompt feedback for clients and stakeholders. 

Also, the system’s robust architecture is designed to uphold validation protocols enforced by the Import Remedy Measures Division of the DTI-BIS. This means that submissions are meticulously examined, assuring compliance with the requirements outlined in the trade remedy laws.  

According to the DTI-BIS, TREFS is equipped with security and data protection measures, assuring stakeholders that their sensitive information is safeguarded with the utmost confidentiality. It serves as an alternative and faster way to apply and submit petitions for trade remedy measures, resulting in consistency of handling information through a centralized filing system. This will also enable the investigating team to collaborate on a better phase with easily accessible and organized shared files online. 

“TREFS was envisioned to introduce alternative procedure for filing petitions, responses, and other submissions related to trade remedy measures, by providing a more efficient and accessible avenue for these measures,” said Director Maria Guiza Lim of the DTI-BIS. 

Per DTI Undersecretary Allan B. Gepty,“TREFS is not just a system; it is a manifestation of our commitment to efficiency and unwavering dedication to empowering our domestic producers and improving the delivery of service to our stakeholders”.   

This groundbreaking web-based application offers a centralized hub for all trade remedy petition submissions. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our Philippine industrial producers, stakeholders and clients. 

As part of the DTI’s goal to ensure the safety and convenience of doing business in the Philippines, Secretary Pascual asserted, “TREFS is a testament to our goal of leading a science, technology, and innovation (STI)-driven programs and services. Through a whole-of-government approach, the DTI remains committed to our goal of ensuring the country’s accessible and conducive business environment for all.” ♦

Date of release: 21 December 2023