SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM—The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) deepened its engagement with leading institutions and organizations in the vibrant creative and startup ecosystems of Scotland during the second day of the Philippine Creative Industries Development Council (PCIDC) Delegation Visit to the United Kingdom (UK) on May 09.

Led by DTI Secretary and PCIDC Chairperson Fred Pascual, the delegation met with key officials from the Edinburgh Futures Institute, a new futures-focused space for learning, research, and innovation at the University of Edinburgh. The meeting focused on exploring innovative models of cooperation between government, industry, and academia to nurture creative talent and enhance industry-academe engagement in developing and commercializing intellectual property within the creative sector.

The DTI chief also engaged in a series of productive meetings with key Scottish creative economy institutions, including Creative Scotland and Screen Scotland, tackling emerging policy frameworks in developing the creative economy. The participants exchanged insights on policy frameworks, funding mechanisms, and strategic interventions designed to nurture creative talent, stimulate entrepreneurship, and promote cultural diversity.

In photo: DTI Secretary Fred Pascual and Sebastian Howell, Cultural Diplomacy, Festivals, EXPO of the Culture Strategy / Engagement Unit of the Scottish Government

In addition, a strategic meeting with Scotland festival managers and representatives was also convened to discuss strategies to leverage festivals as catalysts for cultural exchange, economic development, and tourism promotion. During the meeting, Secretary Pascual and Scotland festival managers shared insights about their experiences in organizing successful events, fostering community engagement, and maximizing the socio-economic impact of conducting local and international festivals.

Finally, in line with the Department’s efforts in developing the country’s startup ecosystem, the DTI also engaged key representatives from CodeBase, a renowned startup ecosystem builder in Scotland. The dialogue emphasized the importance of funding, government support, industry engagement, and academic involvement in supporting budding entrepreneurs and taking their ideas into the market at scale.

In photo: DTI Secretary Fred Pascual and DTI Competitiveness and Innovation Group Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba

Secretary Pascual expressed enthusiasm about the potential for collaboration with CodeBase. He said, “Our meeting with CodeBase has been inspiring and insightful. By leveraging their expertise in ecosystem building and technology innovation, we can empower innovative entrepreneurs, drive digital transformation, and unlock new opportunities for growth.” The PCIDC Delegation Visit to the UK from 08 to 10 May 2024 is a mission organized by the British Council aimed at enabling government representatives to gain invaluable insights into the UK’s thriving creative ecosystem and forge partnerships with key UK institutions to advance the country’s creative economy agenda. ♦

Date of release: 10 May 2024