PASAY CITY — As the Manila FAME returns to the trade show floor, the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) will showcase 25 exhibitors of non-food coconut products at the World Trade Center, Pasay City this 19-21 October 2023. 

DTI-EMB has partnered with organizations such as the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), and the DTI Regional Offices in Regions 1, 3, 4A, 5, 7, 8, 11, and the National Capital Region (NCR) to showcase and promote companies specializing in non-food coconut products with high-value applications. These products use coconut by-products and waste materials, including trunks, husks, shells, leaves, midribs, sheaths, spikelet, and coir. These materials find applications in design, fashion, and other premium handmade crafts.  

DTI’s support to the selected coconut exhibitors includes product development and business matching. Their products will be featured in a special setting at the Coconut Philippines Pavilion and the Design Commune of Manila FAME. 

Supported exhibitors under the Coconut Farmers Industry Development Plan (CFIDP) includes Del Mar Shellcrafts, MPC from Region 1, Ennoble from Region 3, Ai-She Footwear, Jhaz Footwear, and First Coco Craze Coconut Products Trading from Region 4A, Arden Classics, Everything Green Trading & Consulting, Natureline Enterprises, Terra Philippines, and Timbermate – HMT Industries Inc. from NCR, Bicolandia Organic Coco Farmers Agriculture Cooperative, Biday’s Bagol Handicrafts, Cataniugan Handicrafts, Coco Technologies Corp., and Pangpang Farmers Agriculture Cooperative from Region 5, Adorno ’72 Home Decors, Almar Jewelry Manufacturing, Art ‘N Nature Mfg. Corp., Cebu Philcrafttraders, Inc., and Hannah’s Handicraft from Region 7, Lolo Bobby Handicrafts and RDR Wood and Shell Crafts from Region 8, and Angie Handicrafts, Che Aranjuez, and Eric Handy Crafts from Region 11. 

Manila FAME is the Philippines’ premier trade show, renowned for showcasing quality home, fashion, and lifestyle products. Since its inception in 1983, it has been a platform for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and artisan communities in the Philippines. The event is known for its commitment to supporting these enterprises through capacity-building efforts, collaboration with international design personalities, and networking opportunities with buyers from around the world. 

This year’s Manila FAME carries the theme “Feel what’s possible” highlighting the adaptable culture of Filipinos. It reflects the persistent efforts to create products that embody new ideas, fresh perspectives, and unique executions rooted in Filipino heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation. These products are ideally suited or customized according to the preferences and needs of the buyers. 

In addition to the physical exhibition, this year’s Manila FAME will offer a seamless “online-offline-online” experience. Participating exhibitors will have the opportunity to engage in an online show through the digital platform. ♦

Date of release: 17 October 2023