Mindfacturing is fusion of human expertise and cutting edge technologies—Secretary Pascual 

MAKATI CITY– With the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) set to host the 2023 Mindfacturing and Creativity Summit on 04 December 2023 at the Makati Diamond Residences, Trade and Industry Secretary Fred Pascual boasts mindfacturing as transcending the traditional boundaries of manufacturing by emphasizing the fusion of human expertise and cutting-edge technologies. He added, “This empowers human intelligence to envision novel solutions and integrate technologies seamlessly.”  

With the theme, “Mindfacturing and Creativity Summit: Unlocking the Potential and Expanding the Frontiers of Philippine Industries,” the summit will serve as a platform for key stakeholders. These include representatives from various industries, government and development organizations, members of the diplomatic corps, and partners from the academe. The summit’s goal is to foster a constructive and productive discussion for participants to further appreciate the twin-concepts of mindfacturing and creativity as game-changing strategies in order to revolutionize the country’s industries allowing them to become more competitive and expand their market reach.  

“In transitioning to Industry 4.0, a shift from traditional manufacturing to mindfacturing must be initiated. From strengthening traditional factors of production, we need to leverage intellectual capital and innovation to maintain and explore new comparative advantages in the world market. Innovation is our biggest catalyst for transformation,” Secretary Pascual underscored.  

Meanwhile, Undersecretary for Competitiveness and Innovation Rafaelita Aldaba emphasized, “Mindfacturing,a term that blends ‘mind’ and ‘manufacturing’, is fundamentally a pioneering concept at the intersection of cognitive processes and modern manufacturing techniques. It embodies and underscores the idea that human intellect, creativity, and problem-solving abilities play   central roles in shaping the processes of production, design, and innovation.” 

“Overall, mindfacturing constitutes a paradigm shift in how we approach manufacturing and production such that it emphasizes the transformative potential of human creativity and intellect as indispensable assets in shaping the future of industries amidst the recent breakthroughs in automation and technology,” she added. Undersecretary Aldaba further explained that the key aspects of mindfacturing include cognitive innovation, creative problem-solving, customization and flexibility, interdisciplinary collaboration, and ethical considerations. 

The summit will feature speakers from the government, industry leaders, academic experts and development champions, and Secretary Pascual who will be offering valuable insights on crucial issues related to industrial policies. The discussion will also tackle the centrality of mindfacturing in Industry 4.0, strengthening the education system, and the convergence of creativity and innovation in driving science, technology and innovation (STI)-driven industries.  

Undersecretary Aldaba expressed that, “The mainstreaming of mindfacturing and creativity does not only form a significant part, but more importantly, it attests to the Department’s continuing and enduring commitment to rally, empower, and assist our industries as we journey towards industrialization 4.0. It is also an embodiment of our untiring and unrelenting resolve to explore innovative and upgrade our approaches, and institute reforms, where necessary, if we are to transform and usher in our industries toward an era of innovation, increased productivity, and greater participation in global economic activities.” 

She explained that, “Over the years, we have embraced and implemented strategies to revitalize our industries, generate jobs, facilitate the adoption of groundbreaking technologies, among others. When Secretary Pascual took the helm, we anchored our strategy on science, technology, and innovation (STI), which aims to grow globally competitive and innovative industries. The same inspiration binds us together, only that, we are taking it to the next level, towards a direction where human intelligence and creativity take a central role in unlocking the potential and expanding the frontiers of Philippine industries.” 

The Mindfacturing and Creativity Summit will be livestreamed on 04 December 2023 via the official Facebook pages of the DTI (https://www.facebook.com/DTI.Philippines) and DTI’s Competitiveness and Innovation Group (https://www.facebook.com/DTI.CIG).♦

Date of Release: 02 December 2023