Industrial Digital Transformation Congress

Makati City- The Department of Trade and Industry-Competitiveness and Innovation Group (DTI-CIG), in collaboration with the Board of Investments (BOI), will hold the first-ever Industrial Digital Transformation Congress (IDTC) on 06 December 2022, with the theme “Digital Transformation and Strategic Repositioning for Globally Competitive and Innovative Industries.”
The inaugural event will bring together key stakeholders from the various industries, government and development organizations, and academe to tackle the DTI’s industrialization strategy and priorities in the next six years, and foster discussion on ways to further and strengthen our collaboration efforts to promote productivity, efficiency, and adaptability of the industries.

Trade and Industry Secretary Fred Pascual said that, “DTI is pursuing a renewed industrial policy that is science, technology and innovation-(STI) driven. Through STI and the use of essential digital technologies, industries will be better positioned to transform, and to face competition in domestic and export markets. Dynamic industry ecosystems further serve as the foundation for generating quality jobs and investments, creating new products and services, improving environmental sustainability.”
Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba added that, “the conduct of the IDTC does not only take our game to the next level, but it underscores even more our resolute commitment to work with our industries and assist them become more innovative, competitive, and resilient by capitalizing on the recent scientific and technological breakthroughs. Our efforts towards this end have not wavered. For the past six years, guided by our ‘Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy (i3S),’ we have worked hard in establishing a solid foundation upon which our industries could stand firm and shoulder to shoulder with their global counterparts. As we move forward, we remain anchored on our longstanding vision that growth and development must be for all Filipinos. It is in this vein that the DTI adopts a new approach that is driven by science, technology, and innovation to capacitate and prepare our industries and us for what lies ahead.”
The Congress will feature industry leaders, academe and development champions, and no less than the Secretary of Trade and Industry Fred Pascual, whose rich experience and insights are essential as we navigate through the various issues of substantial importance to date.
Participants can look forward to the rich discussions on the four priority industry clusters, which form an integral part of the DTI’s new industrial strategy; the vital role of digital technologies in industry transformation and in improving the country’s participation in the regional and global value chains; and the critical part of innovation and digital transformation in realizing growth opportunities for our industries.
Finally, Usec. Aldaba expressed that, “while it cannot be denied that the pandemic has significantly altered the status quo that was once familiar to us, it has also made us realize that there are still a lot of stones left unturned; that we have yet to maximize our potentials to the fullest; and that we can do more and there are better, more efficient ways of doing things. These are the reasons that prompted us to revisit our strategies to ensure that they are responsive to the demands of the time. These are the very inspirations that will keep the heart of our new industrial strategy beating, and us on course and unrelenting until we realize the goals that we have set for our industries. Finally, as we continue to march towards the brave new world of technological developments and new production systems, know that you can always rely on the DTI, your DTI.”
The IDTC will be livestreamed on 06 December 2022 via the official Facebook pages of DTI ( and DTI’s Competitiveness and Innovation Group (