The Department of Trade and Industry announced on May 22 that Flava Corporation and Lilac Sison Tayaban—operating under the business name “Lilacs Vape Shop”—were found to have violated the Vape Law. They were jointly penalized with an administrative fine of PHP 100,000, following the finality of the decision in Admin Case No. FC 2024-305.

In this case, Flava Corporation was found guilty of selling vape products with flavor descriptors that unduly appeal to minors. Section 12 of the Vape Law prohibits the sale of vape products that target minors with enticing flavor descriptors.

It can be recalled that last March 15, the DTI, through the Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB), ordered the suspension of the sale, manufacturing, import, and distribution of Flava Corporation’s vape products. This order was intended to preserve the integrity of the products in question and prevent the continuation of the reported violations.

In its pursuit of a more stringent penalty, the DTI Prosecution Unit timely filed a partial Motion for Reconsideration of the decision. Consequently, the DTI maintains that the manufacturing, importing, selling, packaging and distribution of Flava products remain suspended. The DTI has intensified its crackdown on the sale and illegal trade of vape products, particularly those targeting minors. This follows the Department’s heightened monitoring and enforcement efforts, both in physical stores and online. ♦

Date of release: 22 May 2024