Two Ivatan young Artists received a copyright registration certificate for musical compositions “Tara Na Sa Batanes” and “Masayang Awit ng Batanes” by IPOPhil after their works garnered many likes and shares in the social media.
Mr. Reynato “Arsy” E. Cabizon, 32 and Mr. Joshua “Balong” G. Diaz, 24, said that they love and find fulfilment in what they do, less of material gains and more on aspirations.
Their songs are being played on the two local radio stations in Batanes, which are Radyo ng Bayan and Radyo Kayvayvanan.
At present, they are composing other songs for an album and will be registered in IPoPhil, hopefully, their Certification will inspire other Ivatans to protect and give credit to their inventions and other qualified works of art, music, among others.
Hence, DTI-Batanes assure that they fully support and facilitate the copyright registration of all aspiring Batanes artists.

Mr. Reynato E. Cabizon (left) and Mr. Joshua G. Diaz (right) perform their songs at the DTI-Batanes Provincial Office