The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) reported that a total of 134 Noche Buena products have maintained its prices while six products have lower prices this 2019 compared to last year’s suggested retail price (SRP) list.

In a 2018 versus 2019 comparative SRPs of Noche Buena products released by the agency, 134 product lines such as keso de bola, cheese, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, pasta spaghetti, elbow and salad macaroni, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, as well as creamer products have maintained their prices since last year.

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez shared this news amidst the recent reports that there are 92 products that have increased their prices. Every year there are increases for a few premium brands, and most would have minimal increases. However, brands for mass-based markets don’t usually change. “This is due to their fear of competition and the probability of losing market share in a price sensitive segment,” said the trade chief.

Six products — which include keso de bola, pasta spaghetti, and tomato sauce –even lowered their prices by Php 11. These are Danes Cheese Ball, Amigo Segurado Spaghetti, La Filipina Spaghetti, Del Monte Filipino Style and Original tomato sauce.

Meanwhile, among the 134 products with no price increase, nine were keso de bola (Ques-O, Magnolia, Che-Vital, and Danes); 11 were cheese (Eden, Danes Classic, Kraft Cheddar, Che-Vital quickmelt); 14 were sandwich spread (Eden, Cheez Whiz, Best Food, Lady’s Choice); 14 mayonnaise products (Eden, Best Food, Lady’s Choice); 13 pasta spaghetti products (El Real, Fiesta, La Filipina, Royal, Sunshine, Ideal Gourmet, Balducci, San Remo); 17 were elbow and salad macaroni (Sunshine, Fiesta, Ideal Gourmet, Royal); 19 spaghetti sauce products (Amigo Segurado, UFC, Del Monte, Sunshine, Fiesta, Royal); 10 tomato sauce (UFC, Del Monte, Amigo); and three creamer products (Angel Krem, Alaska Crema Combi and Asada).

Ham manufacturers have introduced new sizes for some of their products. These variations are available in smaller packs, which offer lower cash out for consumers.


Smart tips from the trade chief

DTI recently issued the SRPs of Noche Buena products, which serve as price guide for consumers as they prepare for the holidays. Noche Buena products are not considered part of the basic necessities and prime commodities, and they are not under price control.

To help consumers, Sec. Lopez shared smart tips for Noche Buena and Media Noche shopping.

  1. Prepare your shopping list using the SRP list at before going to the leading supermarket in your area. You can also check it via the e-Presyo mobile app. The trade chief advised consumers to purchase their Noche Buena and Media Noche needs at supermarkets, as the prices there are monitored by DTI.
  2. Watch out for promo bundle packs in the promo section. Most of food manufacturing companies offer bundle packs of Noche Buena products, which provide savings. Some of these bundle packs include spaghetti pasta with sauce and cheese, macaroni with mayonnaise and fruit cocktail, among others.
  3. Look for products that are not expiring soon.

Most importantly, I advise consumers to choose the products they find value for themselves and their family. It is advised to do the Christmas grocery shopping early and avoid the holiday rush,” shared Sec. Lopez.

DTI would like to ensure that consumers will always have the value-for-money product and brand options that they can choose from, especially this Christmas season,” the trade chief concluded.

These tips can also be accessed through our Consumer Education page.♦

Date of Release: 8 November 2019