On the case filed by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC)

Re: Board of Investments (BOI) Resolution
In BOI Case No. 2017-016 dated 22 November 2017
1. The Secretary vehemently denies any and all baseless and frivolous accusations of VACC relating to the BOI Resolution dated November 2017 which are evidently hurled merely to harass and malign his good name and office.
2. First and foremost, the BOI Resolution was issued by the BOI Board as a collegial body and as such was deliberated and decided upon as a group with due regard to the requirements of due process and in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
3. Contrary to the imputations of VACC, the BOI Resolution SUSPENDED HARI’s registration and required it to refund the tax and duty differential it enjoyed. Accordingly, the BOI has furnished the Bureau of Customs (BOC) of its Resolution.
4. Consistent with the objectives of the MVDP to attract new investments, stimulate demand and revitalize the Philippine automotive industry, the following terms and conditions were imposed upon HARI:
  1. Refund the tax and duty differential between the CBU and knock down parts and components on all importations. The actual amount of refund, mode of settlement and period for payment thereof shall be determined by the BOC.
  2. Implement the assembly processes of welding and painting for both models within six (6) months receipt of the Resolution. 
5. He would like to assure the Filipino people including the VACC that the BOI and he as Chair are unwavering in their duty to implement the MVDP. No preference nor favor was given to HARI or to any participant.
6. Finally, while he urges everyone to be vigilant against corruption, he pleads that it should not be abused so as not to be counterproductive to the concerted efforts of the government to encourage investments and facilitate and promote trade activities in the country to generate business and employment.
7. Rest assured he will address all allegations when he receives a copy of the complaint.