The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) invites Philippine micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to take part in the largest online sale event in Southeast Asia. Reputable e-commerce platforms and businesses across the region will participate in the ASEAN Online Sale Day (AOSD) on 8 – 10 August 2022.

The AOSD is a yearly event that aims to promote cross-border e-commerce among ASEAN countries, improve consumer trust in e-commerce, provide continuous sales opportunities for the participating businesses particularly the MSMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthen partnerships between stakeholders and businesses, and raise awareness on the ASEAN identity and solidarity.

ASEAN e-commerce is anticipated to triple in size from USD100-B to USD300-B by 2025. E-commerce continues to grow despite the COVID-19 pandemic as more customers and companies go online. Notably, ASEAN is home to more than 600 million consumers that are increasingly adapting to e-commerce due to the pandemic.

“Philippine MSMEs should take advantage of the opportunities from the rapid growth of e-commerce in ASEAN to market and sell their products through expanded channels, contribute in accelerating the country’s exports and achieving sustainable economic recovery and development.” DTI Secretary Alfredo E. Pascual said.

The ASEAN Online Sale Day will be participated by all the ASEAN Member States, namely Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Last year, participating MSMEs offered consumer products and services such as food (fresh and processed), beverages, fashion items, woven goods, home furnishings, and tourism and travel-related services.

Meanwhile, consumers in the ASEAN region can enjoy discounts and special offers on featured products by participating companies and online marketplaces in the Philippines and other ASEAN countries.

The AOSD is an opportunity for consumers to experience e-commerce in an open, safe, and quality market under official supervision of governments, and at the same time, support production and business enterprises in the region to adapt and promote digital transformation through the already-developed ecosystem.

For more information about joining this year’s AOSD, you may visit the page: Deadline of application for Philippine-based business, MSMEs, or marketplaces selling goods or services online is until 29 July 2022.

The website listing of all participating merchants and platforms in AOSD 2022 can be accessed through ♦

Date of Release: 20 July 2022