London, United Kingdom – Once again, Philippine chocolates prove to be among the best in the world as 26 of our products garnered awards in the 11th Academy of Chocolate (AOC) Annual Awards.

Philippine chocolate makers have been successful at AOC since 2015. This year, local chocolatiers, Auro Chocolate, Dalareich Food Products, Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation, MS3 Agri-Ventures, and Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates brought victory to the country by besting over 1,000 entries from different producers across the globe.

Bohol’s Dalareich Food Products and Davao’s Auro Chocolate jointly attained the highest prize, marking it the first Gold Awards for the Philippines, in the ‘Drinking Chocolate (Plain, For Milk-Based Drinks)’ category.

Philippine cacao beans also received high recognitions under the ‘Dark Bean to Bar’ and ‘Milk Chocolate Bean to Bar’ categories.

The AOC was founded in 2005 by Britain’s leading chocolate professionals and it promotes a greater awareness of fine chocolates available in the market. For this year’s awards, more than 100 expert judges made up the panel, including top chocolatiers and some of the UK’s most prominent food writers and bloggers.

Accepting the awards on behalf of the Philippine companies were Philippine Embassy’s Economic Officer, Vice Consul Bea Martinez, and Kristine Nobleza of the Philippine Trade and Investment Centre London.

Dalareich Food Products receives their Gold Award at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards ceremony
Dalareich Food Products, whose 100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate won a Gold Award, together with Philippine Embassy – London’s Vice Consul Bea Martinez
Vice Consul Bea Martinez accepting the awards of MS3 Agri-Ventures on their behalf 


(Philippine Chocolate Products)

AURO CHOCOLATESDrinking Chocolate (Plain, For Milk-Based Drinks)100% Cacao Unsweetened ChocolateGold
Tree to Bar (Unflavoured)70% Dark Chocolate — Saloy OriginSilver
Tree to Bar (Unflavoured)70% Dark Chocolate — Tupi OriginSilver
Tree to Bar (Unflavoured)70% Dark Chocolate — Paquibato OriginBronze
Dark Bean to Bar (Seasoned)64% Dark Chocolate w/ Cacao NibsBronze
Milk Chocolate Bean to Bar (Flavoured)42% Milk Chocolate w/ Cacao NibsBronze
White Chocolate Bean to Bar (Flavoured)32% Mango White Chocolate with Pili NutBronze
White Chocolate Bean to Bar (Flavoured)32% Moringa White Chocolate with PinipigBronze
Chocolate SpreadsRoasted White Chocolate with Cashew SpreadBronze
PackagingBar WrappersBronze
DALAREICH FOOD PRODUCTSDrinking Chocolate (Plain, For Milk-Based Drinks)Dalareich 100% Unsweetened Chocolate Gold
MALAGOS AGRI-VENTURES CORPORATIONTree to Bar (Unflavoured)72% Dark Chocolate – Heirloom HCP16Bronze
Filled Chocolates (Individual Truffle – Dark or Milk)72% Dark Chocolate GanacheBronze
Filled Chocolates (Panned/Enrobed Fruit and Nuts)Almonds in Couverture Dark ChocolateBronze
Filled Chocolates (Alcohol-Flavoured Ganache)Rum PralineBronze
Drinking Chocolate (Plain, For Milk-Based Drinks)100% Unsweetened ChocolateBronze
MS3 AGRI-VENTURESDrinking Chocolate (Flavoured)MS3 BONCHOC with Cashew and Coffee GranulesSilver
Drinking Chocolate (Plain, For Water Emulsion)MS3 100% Dark Chocolate Cacao TabletBronze
Dark Bean to Bar (Flavoured)MS3 BONCHOC with Cashew and Coffee GranulesBronze
THEO AND PHILO ARTISAN CHOCOLATEDrinking Chocolate (Plain, For Water Emulsion)Dark Hot ChocolateSilver
Drinking Chocolate (Plain, For Milk-Based Drinks)Dark Hot ChocolateBronze
Dark Bean to Bar (Flavoured)65% Dark Chocolate with Black Sesame, Cashew & PiliBronze
Dark Bean to Bar (Flavoured)65% Dark Chocolate with Green Mango & SaltBronze
Dark Bean to Bar (Flavoured)65% Dark Chocolate with LabuyoBronze
Milk Bean to Bar (Flavoured)Milk Chocolate AdoboBronze
Milk Bean to Bar (Flavoured)Milk Chocolate with Pili Nuts & PinipigBronze
Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates*Dark Bean to Bar (90% and Above Cocoa Solids)Philippines 92%Gold
Duffy’s Chocolate*Dark Bean to Bar (Below 90% Cocoa Solids)Duffy’s Philippine South Cotabato 70%Bronze
Auro Chocolates 


Drinking Chocolate (Plain, For Water Emulsion)70% Dark Chocolate — Saloy OriginCommended
Filled Chocolates (Panned/Enrobed Fruit and Nuts)36% White Chocolate Covered Freeze Dried PineappleCommended
Dalareich Food ProductsDrinking Chocolate (Plain, For Water Emulsion)Dalareich 100% Unsweetened ChocolateCommended
Malagos Agri-Ventures CorporationTree to Bar (Unflavoured)72% Dark ChocolateCommended
Tree to Bar (Unflavoured)65% Dark ChocolateCommended
Filled Chocolates (Panned/Enrobed Fruit and Nuts)Dried Guyabano in Couverture Dark ChocolateCommended
Filled Chocolates (Panned/Enrobed Fruit and Nuts)Roasted Cocoa Nibs in Couverture Dark ChocolateCommended
Theo and Philo Artisan ChocolateDark Bean to Bar (Flavoured)65% Dark Chocolate with CalamansiCommended
Milk Chocolate Bean to Bar44% Milk ChocolateCommended
Milk Bean to Bar (Flavoured)Milk Chocolate TuronCommended
Pangea Chocolate*Dark Bean to Bar (Below 90% Cocoa Solids)Philippines- South Cotabato 76%Commended
Fu Wan Chocolate*Dark Bean to Bar (Below 90% Cocoa Solids)Philippines 85%Commended
Firetree Chocolate Limited*Dark Bean to Bar (Below 90% Cocoa Solids)Philippines 74%Commended
Lemuel Chocolate*Milk Chocolate Bean to Bar60% Philippines Dark MilkCommended

*Refers to non-Philippine companies whose cacao beans are sourced from the Philippines

Date of Release: 1 August 2019