Prices and supply of construction materials in the city and province of Iloilo remain sufficient and stable despite declaration of the state of national emergency and the on-going massive construction activity conducted by either government or privately owned projects, DTI–Iloilo Provincial Office monitoring showed.

In its recent monitoring, cement prices range from P245.00 to 250.00 while prices in the province ranges from P250.00 to P260.00. Imported cement are already present in the market with brands such as Buffalo, Cam Pha, Horse, among others and are priced on the average of P10.00 lower than the domestic counterpart.

Consumers are advised to check if the imported cement they are buying are compliant with the product standards requirement. All they need to do is ask from the dealer a copy of the Imported Commodity Clearance (ICC) certificate issued to the importer as proof that such imported cement had undergone proper testing and had met the requirements.

Consumers are assured that imported cement that passed the testing have complied with the standards.

On the other hand, prices of deformed steel bars sold in Iloilo City have a prevailing price of P99.00 for 10mm while it is P143.00 for 12mm, while in the province it is P100.00 for 10mm and P145.00 for 12mm. The standard length of a deformed steel bar is 6 meters.

G.I. Sheets of 0.2mm price is between 105 to P138.00 depending on the brand. The prevailing price of 0.3mm is P210.00 to 233.00 while the 0.6mm is P286 to P346 depending on the brand.

For steel wires, prevailing price for 1.65 or Gauge 16 is P55.00 while for 1.25 mm or Gauge 18 is P60.00.