Taking advantage of every promotional opportunity is one of the strategies that the Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) embarks on to raise awareness on the benefits of accreditation. This is how the PAB audio visual presentation (AVP) made it to an international website. 

During the first “Accreditation Marketing and Awareness Raising at the National Level” on 10-12 January 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand for ASEAN Member States (AMS), which was attended by the two PAB staff, the primary speaker, Mr. Jon Murthy, encouraged participants to submit contents for uploading in the website . Mr. Murthy, the Marketing Manager of United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), is also responsible for maintaining the Public Sector Assurance Organization Website (http://publicsectorassurance.org/).

Public Sector Assurance as a public sector organization provides information about the benefits of using accredited conformity assessment It features studies and supporting information from around the world illustrating the value of conformity assessment which aids the governments and regulators in delivering the expected positive benefits.

The AVP showcases how the Philippine Accreditation Bureau is doing its share of instilling quality and safety consciousness through accreditation to consumers. It also highlights how we unknowingly benefit from conformity assessment services. Relaying information about accreditation can be tricky because technical explanations and examples tend to bore audiences. The PAB video provides real life examples of how accreditation impacts everyday life. The presentation does not only target our clients but also the ordinary consumers to give them better options in purchasing safe and quality products or services. It essentially encourages wider acceptance and use of accreditation and build trust in conformity assessment – a tool that helps businesses not only to comply efficiently and effectively with regulations and standards around the globe but also to gain competitive advantage and to expand into new and wider markets.

This short presentation best responds to the question “How do we look for the best quality?” This is a tough question to answer with the vast number of products and services in the market. The video shows how accreditation can help consumers in whittling down their choices to safe, reliable and quality products and services which pass through accredited conformity assessments.

To view the PAB video, please select any category on the publicsectorassurance.org home page and click on the supporting information tab. Aside from the link of the short video, a hyperlink was created so that anyone who wishes to know more about PAB and its services can be redirected to PAS’s webpage. To learn more about Public Sector Assurance and Philippine Accreditation Bureau log on to http://www.publicsectorassurance.org/ and http://www.pabaccreditation.dti.gov.ph.♦