Philippine weaves and fabrics incorporated in everyday wear.

The country’s vibrant and colorful weaves and textile that reflects history and culture is more than just a costume for cultural occasions, it breathes heritage and art handed by Filipino artisans from generations to generations.

That is why couple Alvin and Evita Degamo of WLYC Apparel Manufacturing (WLYC), one of the rising startups in the apparel industry, is aiming to infuse indigenous and ethnic materials to the everyday wear of all Filipinos.

Motivated by their 20 years of experience in the modelling industry and their exposure to the different fabrics in the runway, the Degamos conceptualized a street wear collection that aims to level if not to surpass global fashion brands.

“Our direction is for every Filipino to have a ‘Wear Your Culture’ (WYC) jacket, polo or shirt in their closet. The designs in this collection are meant for everyday wear not limited to be used only in events but an everyday statement,” shared Alvin Degamo, President and Chief Designer of WLYC.

Alvin and Evita Degamo, owner and brand ambassadors of #WearYourCulture.

The WYC brand follows a young, modern and cool approach. Hand-woven fabrics and weaves give new color and appeal to the clothing pieces.

“I base my designs from the fabrics of the weavers who are the real artists here; I just execute it to become an everyday couture,” added Alvin.

Creating jobs for local artisans

The best part of doing this business, according to the couple, is being able to give back and help their partner communities of Filipino weavers in the different parts of the country such as Davao, Basilan, IloIlo and Abra, to name a few.

“Sadly, weaving is almost a dying industry as most of our local craftsmen now opt to work abroad because of lack of orders. Hence, helping them is part of our drive to ensure that local artisans will stay and do their craft,” said Alvin.

“Weaving is a Filipino skill that will go to waste if we will let them leave the country, and we deem that what will make them stay is the renewed demand for their products. By creating a way to use it other than the usual cultural costumes, we hope to increase the need for these ethnic raw materials,” explained Evita, Vice President of WLYC.

Going global

Just one year in the business and yet many local patrons are already seeing the potential of #WYCeveryday. The brand was well accepted in local fairs, so the couple decided to up the game by joining the country’s premiere design and lifestyle event, the Manila FAME.

“I have been going to Manila FAME as a buyer and I am always amazed with the exquisite work of art that Filipino manufacturers and exporters are producing in each edition. Coming to Manila FAME will really make you appreciate Filipino talent. This inspired me to contribute in producing global brands and here we are now, on our way to our first edition,” Alvin excitedly shared.

“I am eager for the world to see our products in an international stage. We realized that we have a very small market here in the Philippines; but every time we attend Manila FAME, we see how a lot of people are interested with Filipino products and talents. We wanted to grab a piece of that pie and show what we got,” Evita further added.

As a first-time exhibitor and an aspiring exporter, WLYC expects challenges as they go along in the business; but the drive to help the weaving industry and the dream of making it big in the fashion sector fuels the passion of the young couple to move forward.

“We are really looking forward to the possibilities and opportunities that will come by joining Manila FAME,” Evita ended.

The Manila FAME is slated on 25-27 April 2019, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in Pasay City, Philippines. It is positioned as the country’s best avenue to discover Filipino design, raw materials, craftsmanship and service, and a trade fair where buyers and visitors can experience the trademark hospitality of Filipinos.

What’s New in Manila FAME

Manila FAME brings the online fashion marketplace to the trade show floor in the e-Tailer Special Setting. It will feature rising fashion entrepreneurs and designer commercial brands that will showcase the latest trends in both couture and ready-to-wear (RTW) fashion. Young and tech-savvy fashion enthusiasts will be enamored by a collection of this season’s trendiest styles.

Manila FAME is one of the longest-running trade shows in Asia-Pacific and is the only trade event in the country approved by the Union des Foires Internationales (UFI), the global association of the world’s leading tradeshow organizers and fairground owners, exhibition associations, and selected partners of the exhibition industry.

Manila FAME is a launching pad for new Filipino export products and believes in the advocacy of helping talented Filipinos gain recognition in the global design industry.

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Date of release: 8 March 2019