The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), as one of the agencies that advocates for sustainable consumption, will launch the ASEAN Sustainable Consumption Toolkit (SCT) on 28 June 2022, at the 3rd ASEAN Consumer Protection Conference (APCP).

One of the key deliverables of the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection (ACCP) is the creation of the ASEAN SCT. As defined in Goal 4 of the ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for Consumer Protection 2025 (ASAPCP) and the ASEAN Economic Blueprint 2025, the development and implementation of sustainable consumption policies increase consumer confidence.

The DTI, as the country’s representative to the ACCP, is the primary proponent of the tool kit’s development. The toolkit consists of five (5) modules designed to increase understanding of sustainable consumption among government officials and relevant stakeholders.

            •  Module 1: Understanding the concepts and principles of sustainable consumption;

            •  Module 2: Best practices and approaches to policies that promotes sustainable consumption;

            •  Module 3: Tools and instruments used in influencing consumer behavior, communication/information provision tools such as product information through labeling and certification, economic instruments such as incentives, and regulatory instruments;

            •  Module 4: Use of appropriate instruments and tools in selected areas such as food sector, energy, and consumer electronics; and

            • Module 5: Development of a set of advocacy materials such as PowerPoint slides, infographics, and audio-visual, among others, to be used by officials and the public to promote sustainable consumption among consumers.

These modules include training manuals for trainers and facilitators and multimedia presentations such as PowerPoint slides and audio-visual materials. The ASEAN SCT will be available in the ACCP website.

“The DTI, through its Consumer Protection Group, has been actively promoting sustainable consumption in the Philippines in response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG #12: Responsible Consumption and Production. We have been collaborating with various government agencies and the private sector to learn about their green initiatives and share them with consumers,” says Atty. Ann Claire C. Cabochan, Assistant Secretary of the DTI CPG. For consumer-related concerns and queries, you may send an email to or reach us thru the One-DTI (1-384) Hotline.

Date of Release: 29 June 2022