The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) spearheaded by the Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) is conducting an Outbound Business Matching Mission (OBMM) slated this month for the education sector, a continuing initiative of DTI to sustain promotion of the Philippines in Indonesia as an excellent and cost-effective “Study Abroad” destination in line with the government’s efforts to campaign for the country’s export potentials in education services.

The mission, as part of the government’s agenda to explore opportunities brought about by regional and preferential-trading agreements, aims to expand market access within existing and new trade partners, specifically on education service exports.

“The Philippine education sector has much to offer to the Indonesian market and would bode well to strengthen the Philippines’ bilateral relations with Indonesia aside from maximizing the opportunities from the Free Trade Agreements and the ASEAN market integration,” said DTI Export Marketing Bureau Director Senen M. Perlada.
The mission will highlight Philippine education offerings in both formal and vocational courses. The delegation will be composed of representatives from the leading Philippine universities and accredited institutions in this year’s participation to the World Education Expo Indonesia 2017 (WEEI).

The WEEI, a platform dedicated for students to find the right education in distinguished overseas institutions across the region and the world, is Indonesia’s biggest annual education expo. Likewise, it’s the country’s most universal education exhibition with institutions from over 20 countries participating. The event guarantees an audience of more than 10,000 students from over 150 national high schools and universities across four cities in Indonesia.

With Indonesia’s population of 250 million, it offers a lot of opportunities for Philippine education institutions to tap. Yearly, tens of thousands of Indonesian students choose to study abroad. The number continues to rise alongside a growing middle class. The interest has largely been made possible as students continue to become more fluent in English and other secondary languages. Given this, demand for better education and a good learning environment are the opportunities that the Philippines can take advantage of through this education expo.

The participation in the World Education Expo will also highlight the visit in Indonesian schools wherein a venue will be provided for student’s career orientation. Additionally, conduct of pre-arranged one-to-one business matching meetings with Indonesian education institutions, consultants, students, parents and other interested parties wishing to form joint venture agreements, franchising and other forms of collaboration with the participating Philippine institutions will take place during the duration of the mission.
This initiative of DTI-EMB is well supported by the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines and the Commercial Section of the Embassy.

The Philippine education showcase banks on the country’s reputation as an excellent choice for foreign students considering the Philippine schools’ quality courses, affordable tuition fees and cost of living, and a destination with cultural similarities within the region. English, as its primary medium of instruction, along with its inherent multicultural learning environment atmosphere with blended mix of fun and enjoyable stay in the country, is an advantage as well.♦