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18 November 2020 – The Philippine Trade and Investment Centers (PTICs) in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC launched a webinar series entitled: “Electronics Manufacturing Services Made Smart and Industry 4.0 Technology”. The Philippines’ manufacturing sector remains resilient despite the human and economic devastation brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic; Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), in particular, continues to thrive as a result of continued demand for smart products, electronics, and semiconductors.

Undersecretary Rafaelita M. Aldaba, of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Competitiveness and Innovation Group (CIG) credited the Philippines’ solid economic fundamentals for cushioning the impact of the pandemic on the country’s recovery efforts. The Philippines is also projected to continue to attract positive investment prospects in the post-COVID environment, evidenced by significant positive strides posted by the country in world competitiveness rankings, ease of doing business, and stable investment outlooks by top credit rating agencies. Undersecretary Aldaba added that the Philippine electronics industry is the country’s 3rd largest contributor to the country’s manufacturing output, accounting for 16% for the Q1 to Q3 of 2020, and the top contributor to Philippine exports, registering an estimated USD 43B in 2019. The United States ranks as the 2nd top destination of Philippine electronics products.

In this first of a series webinar, the featured company, Ionics-EMS is a publicly listed Philippine company with over forty-five years of experience, with an integrated supply chain in electronics manufacturing offering design services, prototyping, logistics, plus marketing and distribution. Mr. Earl Qua, Vice President for Business Development at Ionics-EMS, discussed the company’s products and services, including smart servers, mobile healthcare device solutions, and smart home automation hubs. Mr. Qua also provided a virtual walk-through of their smart factory, which delivers responsive, adaptive, and connected manufacturing. The technology used in Ionics-EMS’s factory produces real-time analytics and less downtime in its production lines, ensuring more efficient production capacity and full transparency for their clients, who can access their smart factory’s analytics at their convenience.

The recorded version of the webinar is available at the DTI’s Philippines Business YouTube Channel at

In the next webinar, scheduled on 17 December 2020, we will be featuring Surface Technology International, which is engaged in contract electronic manufacturing services of medical equipment.

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Date of Release: 3 December 2020