Kakanin, is derived from the word kanin, and means prepared rice is one of the most beloved and cultural desserts of the Filipinos and Aging’s Food Delights brings these kakanins to life through their unique and tasty products.

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Aging’s Food Delights started in 2013, where only the entrepreneur Ms. Agapita Mercado and her husband Gregorio Mercado worked for the business. “Nagsimula kami ng kaming dalawa lang ng asawa ko na gumagawa ng kakanin doon sa lamesang yun.” (We started with just the two us making kakanin on that table), say Ms. Mercado while pointing to a corner with a small table. Now the business employs 4-8 workers and has over 15 different types of kakanin products.

Ms. Agapita is thankful for the assistance of DTI and the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) which helped her business grow. Through their offered seminars and consultations she was able to learn proper food handling and safety. She also learned simple cooking techniques which extend the shelf-life of her products through their assistance.

The DTI and CITEM also helped her business grow by inviting Agapita’s Food Delights to participate in trade fairs. Ms. Agapita was able to significantly expand her market by participating in the International Food Exhibit (IFEX) and National Food Fair.

With her success, Ms. Agapita is also trying to share her blessing from the success of her business by employing single moms and unemployed housewives. “Masarap sa pakiramdam na nakakatulong ka sa tao, lalo na kung nakikita mong may determinasyon at pagsisikap sa buhay.” (It feels great to help people who are determined and make an effort in life) says Ms. Agapito.

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She also keeps up with recent times and tries to expand her line of products while not going far away from her source of success which are kakanins. She now offers a new line of products called Tastes of Summer which are shakes with topped or hint of kakanins.

Now she is currently trying to expand her business by looking into putting up branches in other locations. “Tumitingin kami ngayon sa mga ibang lugar na pwedeng pagtayuan namin ng branch. Gusto ko rin na involved talaga ako dahil importante sakin na mapanatili ang kalidad ng produkto. Yun kasi ang binabalik-balikan sa amin.” (We are now looking into other places where we can put our branch. I really want that I’m involved because it’s important that we maintain the quality. That’s the reason why are customers keep coming back) says Ms. Agapito when asked for her future plans.