Photo of Emily and her products

Emily was in the BPO industry when she decided that running a business is what she wanted to do.  Being away from his kids especially at night is the main reason to quit her job. She then wants to have a business but doesn’t have any idea on what to put up, but at that time she really enjoys making good food.
According to Emily selling sushi is unexpected because it was just his partner’s school project. They received a lot of good feedbacks from families and friends. They then eventually offered it to bazaars and parties. In 2015 with only P50,000 in the pocket and a million determination, Sushi Master Malabon was born.
The biggest challenge she encounter was in March 2020 when all stores close down because of COVID-19. The business was thriving and didn’t know what to expect.  She decided to continue at home and offer the food online together with her family. She uses her skills in advertising to help boost her business.
KMME’s learning especially business model canvass helps her see every detail that is essential in her business. It serves her as an eye-opener on the reality of running Sushi Master Malabon. As of this day she continuously strives on giving Malabonians the right to have intricate food on their table. ♦

Date of Release: 15 December 2021