A Showcase of not just different local products but of Ilocano culture and tradition, this year’s Kannawidan Ylocos Festival’s Partuat ken Patanor Trade and Agricultural Trade Fair was participated by more than 200 Micro Small and Medium Enterprises MSMEs from Luzon. Now on its 10th year, the week-long trade fair (January 30- February 7, 2017) was a joint project of the Department of Trade and Industry and Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur.

“Partuat ken Patanor” are local Ilocano terms for “crafts and crop”. The trade fair is an annual activity of Kannawidan Festival that highlights Ilocano products from different cities and municipalities of Ilocos Sur, guest exhibitors from different regions were also given the chance to sell their local products.

DTI’s Partuat ken Patanor Trade Fair 01

From L-R: PD Ben Garcia, Atty. Rolando Lay-At, RD Florante O. Leal, PD Grace Lapastora, PD Daria Mingaracal, DC Merlie Membrere, DC Rosasrio Quodala

The Trade Fair propelled an opportunity for MSMEs to showcase their world-class products to our domestic markets, especially to buyers and consumers in the region. Participating LGUs also exhibited their One Town One Products (OTOP) including those produce from the DTI funded projects such as SSF and BuBs. The agency aims to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs through MSME development projects. MSMEs are being assisted to identify, produce, manufacture and market their distinctive product or service using indigenous materials and local skills.

Participating LGUs showed pride in promoting their local products by embellishing their trade booths. Search for the Best Dressed Booth- LGU and MSME categories, Most Innovative Product Design and Most Innovative OTOP were perfect avenues for participants to show their creative knacks in presenting their products.

Meanwhile, trainings and workshops like Barista 102 were also provided to MSMEs. Local farmers also exhibited their agricultural products in the Agri-Pinaka Contest, the search for the heaviest, longest and unique vegetables and crops.

DTI’s Partuat ken Patanor Trade Fair 02