In response to the Barangay IPMR’s (Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative) request to capacitate the Indigenous Peoples (IPs), a SMERA session on Entrepreneurship cum Consumer Rights and Responsibilities was conducted on March 22.

The Entrepreneurship learning session was attended by market vendors, IPs (Indigenous Peoples) and other residents and store owners. Some fifty-nine (59) participants attended the activity.

To promote DTI’s advocacy on consumer awareness and empowerment, DTI-LDN also conducted consumer awareness session to teach the participants with the right information on the said subject. Majority of the participants were market vendors selling fruits, vegetables and grocery items, twelve (12) were male and forty-seven (47) were female.

Two (2) participants represented the Trading & Services (T&S) sector while the remaining fifty-seven (57) were potential entrepreneurs. Some Barangay Officials were also present.

During the sessions, the participants expressed that they need more training and seminars in improving their businesses and they hoped to avail more of the department’s assistances which are applicable to them. The IP participants likewise signified their intention to avail of the government’s interventions that are intended for IPs.