Because Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) comprise majority of our country’s entrepreneurs, DTI would like to equip them with the necessary skills to make their businesses sustainable and lasting.

Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that in 2016, Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account 99.57% or (911,768) of the total establishments (915,726) in the country; of which 89.63% or (820,795) were micro-enterprises. Only 9.50% (86,955) were small enterprises and 0.44% or (4,018) only were medium enterprises. Large enterprises only made up the remaining 0.43%. (3,958).

Regional Director Ibrahim K. Guiamadel shared, “In Region 12, the number of MSMEs are only over 20,000. Therefore, DTI 12 is doing its best to encourage more people to venture into business and teach them how to make these businesses grow and become sustainable. Hence, last year we exerted all our team’s effort to complete the Negosyo Centers in the region through the assistance of our local government units. Said Negosyo Centers are manned with Business Counsellors who are currently tapped to conduct trainings to MSMEs including owners of Sari-Sari Stores. “

For the first quarter of this year, among the 52 Negosyo Centers (NCs) in the Region, three NCs have already conducted activities to educate Sari-Sari Store Owners on their respective areas. These are: Starting a Sari-Sari Store Business (NC Matalam), Inventory Management (NC Pigcawayan), and Capability Building for Lutayan Entrepreneurs (CaBLE) Seminar (Lutayan) which included the topics: Entrepreneurial Mind setting, Cash Management, Simple Bookkeeping, and Business Management.

Starting a Sari-Sari Store Business by NC Matalam

NC Matalam conducted its seminar last February 20 with 80 participants coming from the different barangays of the said municipality. A duo of Negosyo Center Business Counsellors conducted the training. Dalapitan Barangay Captain Antonio Villarosa welcomed the participants and thanked the Negosyo Center for conducting the said seminar.

Business Counsellor Junelyn M. Jaravata discussed the importance of having the right entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in business. Aside from this, she also shared qualities of an Entrepreneur which are the following: 1) Having a vision; 2) High Energy Level; 3) The Need to Achieve; 4) Self-Confidence; 5) Tolerance for failure and 6) internal locus of control.

Further, Jaravata said that entrepreneurs must see things in a different perspective, try new ways of doing things, tolerate higher level of ambiguity, not fear failure, and most importantly, and be able to shift their mental attitude.

Business Counselor Reanne Claudine P. Laguna discussed about the basics of starting a sari-sari store business. Laguna outlined the advantages of starting a sari-sari store, such as low start-up capital and convenience. Then, she also presented about the legal requirements of and steps in starting a business such as registering with DTI and getting a Business Name. Aside from Business Registration, Laguna also discussed some tips to ensure that the sari-sari store will last such as: 1) Come up with a study; 2) Find a great location; 3) Find Suppliers; 4) Hire the Right people; 5) Create a System and 6) Manage your inventory. Finally, Laguna reiterated to the participants to refrain from getting items from the store for personal or family use without paying for it.♦

NC R12 Sari2 Stores 1


NC R12 Sari-Sari Stores