In order to enable and inspire students to pursue the path of entrepreneurship, three Negosyo Centers in Region 12 conducted Entrepreneurial Mindsetting Seminars for students, in coordination with the academe. 

 Negosyo Center-Kabacan

Photo caption: Negosyo Center Business Counsellor Mark Nikko L. Manginsay presenting to the students of USM-DMS.

In coordination with the University of Southern Mindanao – Development Management Society (USM – DMS) headed by DMS President Ms. Bernadeth Ribando and DM Department Chair Prof. Maria Evelia Lim, the Negosyo Center-Kabacan conducted a seminar on Entrepreneurial Mindsetting and Financial Literacy on February 9, 2018 at USM Hostel, Kabacan, Cotabato. About 150 students attended the seminar.

Spearheaded by USM, this initiative aims to train and develop students to become young entrepreneurs.

Topics discussed included the following: (1) Negosyo Center’s programs and services, (2) DTI Business Name Registration, (3) Entrepreneurial Mindsetting and Values Formation, and (4) Financial Literacy.

NC-Kabacan Business Counsellor (BC) Mark Nikko L. Manginsay presented the NC programs, functions, and services, which include business name registration. 

Moreover, BC Adrian Clave Lariba showed the differences in terms of mindset and values between an employee and an entrepreneur. He also presented the risks and rewards of going into business. Afterwards, he presented financial literacy among the participants. 

After the lectures, Professor Lian Bagonoc, the DMS Society Adviser, thanked the Negosyo Center for conducting the said seminar. Through this seminar, she said that more students will opt to start their own business rather than become employees after they graduate.

Negosyo Center-Cotabato City

Around 404 students of Cotabato City National High school (CCNHS) – Main Campus attended the Entrepreneurial Road Map for Students conducted by the DTI’s Negosyo Center-Cotabato City in coordination with CCNHS.  

Business Counsellor  Asnaira K. Buisan presented the importance and advantages of engaging into business, characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. She also discussed about the importance of cultivating the right entrepreneurial mindset.

Negosyo Center-Antipas 

More than 164 Senior High school students of Antipas National High school attended the Entrepreneurial Mindsetting Seminar conducted by the DTI’s Negosyo Center-Antipas last February 13, 2018. Topics discussed were the following: Negosyo Center functions and service, Entrepreneurial Mindsetting, and Basic Pricing and Costing. 

Negosyo Center (NC) Antipas Business Counsellor (BC)  Hanie Lou P. Llupar presented the Negosyo Center’s major functions and services. Next, BC Fitz Gerald Anuta of NC-Arakan discussed the proper entrepreneurial mindset and the basics of starting a business. Afterwards, BC  Adrian Clave Lariba of NC Pres. Roxas presented on Basic Pricing and Costing. 

The objective of this seminar is to encourage the students to pursue entrepreneurship in the future, and equip them with the basic know-how of starting a business.♦