Farm B Balut Production
Products of Farm B Balut production.

Jaylhea Silvestre Barque started her own business by converting her small farm to balut production venture. Prior to this, she operated a mini-restaurant in Kuwait.

With desire to improve her business, she sought assistance from DOLE-OWWA. She then attended the Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Workshop organized by DTI and OWWA. After attending this workshop, she was able to initially draft her Business Plan on Rice-duck Expansion and Balut-Making. Since she had no experience on making a business plan, she sought the assistance of the Senior Business Counsellor in NC- Kidapawan. It was no easy feat given the time constraints since she will soon be going back to Kuwait.

After several weeks of consultation with the Counsellor, Barque was able to complete her Business Plan which was endorsed to DOLE-OWWA Regional Office on May 5.

Taking it one step further, DTI-North Cotabato submitted and endorsed Barque’s Business Plan to the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP)- Kidapawan Field Office. DTI and NC- Kidapawan assisted her with her loan application of P1.2 Million for 2,000 heads of duck raising and two units 20,000 eggs-capacity Incubators.

A few days later, her farm in Brgy. Esperanza, Tulunan was appraised by LBP. Since the project, the collateral, and personal standing of Barque passed the stringent requirements of the bank, the approval of her project proposal took less than a month. Barque is on her way on expanding her business and is thankful to DTI and Negosyo Center for helping her with her loan application.

“It takes only less than a month to approve OFW Loans.” – Jaylhea S. Barque, OFW-Kuwait