In line with the agency’s objective to make the region more competitive in the global value chain, officers and staff of the Department of Trade and Industry Region 2, together with the project beneficiaries from Flow of Pariir Agriculture Cooperative, initiated and facilitated the international shipping of mungbean samples to Japan on 05 October 2022, for further testing.

The project is in collaboration with DTI-Isabela, DA Region 02, and the Foreign Trade Service Corps (FTSC), and is intended to assist MSMEs and farmers engaged in mungbean production for possible expansion of their market in Japan.

This was a follow-through of the steered collaboration with the Trade and Investment Section of the Philippine Embassy in Japan after the agency generated export leads during the 1st ever forum on Market Trends and Opportunities for Region 2 High-Value Crops in May 2021, where it was also the first time that the agency gathered virtually the top officers from the East Asian countries composed of their Commercial and Agriculture Attaches and Counselors.

As DTI R2 and DA R02 constantly explored the high potential of mungbean as one of the commodities with a promising prospect in Japan, the flow of Pariir Agriculture Cooperative, based in Cabatuan, Isabela, has been chosen as the target project beneficiary after having provided the best quality sample and passing the minimum requirements.

Hence, a series of meetings with the said partners, including DTI-EMB and other local stakeholders, were conducted, including sourcing out samples on-site, facilitating the Phytosanitary Certification, and initial coordination and discussion with the service of a Sea Fright Forwarding Company, which will assist in moving the product.

The team also coordinated with the FTSC-Agricultural Attache, Mr. Jose Laquian, and Mr. Kenichi Katakura, Trade Advisor, Trade and Investment Section, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, who provided primary information related to the market demand, import status, prevailing price of mungbean in Japan, and entry regulations.

As a way forward, the team will continuously coordinate with the buyers, concerned officials, and all local stakeholders involved and will monitor the timelines that were set to execute the directions and sustain the initial development of this project.

DTI R2 and its partners are optimistic that the result of this initiative will flourish in the coming months.

Posted on Facebook on October 11, 2022