The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently released the Suggested Retail Price tables (SRP) for school supplies in anticipation of the opening of public schools on the first week of June 2017.

The SRP tables lists the prices of different brands of school supplies like notebooks, pad papers, pencil, ball pens, eraser, crayons, sharpener and ruler. The SRP serves as a guide for consumers to compare prices across different brands and specifications like number of pages and type of paper for notebooks and pad papers, as well as hardness for pencils and type of material for rulers.

For 80-page econobond composition notebooks, the SRP ranges from Php 12.50 – 15.75, while Spiral Notebooks range from 13.75 to 15.75 pesos. Pad Paers (80 pages) for Grades 1 to 4 have SRP ranging from 9.00 to 12.00 while Intermediate pad paper have prices ranging from Php 14.00 to 25.00.

For pencils, three-pack sets have SRP ranging from Php 10.50 to 37.50, depending on the hardness and brand. Ballpens have SRP ranging from Php 4.00 to 22.75 while a three-pack set of ballpens have SRP ranging from Php 13.75 to 30.75

For crayons, an eight piece box has prices ranging from Php 12.00 t0 34.75 while a 24 piece box has prices ranging from 37.75 to 49.25. Crayons must also have markings “non-toxic” aside from the trade mark, brand name and manufacturer’s name.

Erasers have SRP ranging from Php 5.75 to 12.75 while sharpeners (one hole) have prices ranging from Php 5.75 to 17.75. Plastic laminated rulers have SRP ranging from Php 9.75 to 19.75 for the 6-inch type and Php 14.75 to 29.75 for the 12-inch ruler.

The DTI Regional Office III (DTI-3) also reminds school supplies buyers to carefully read the labels to check if the school supplies have toxic or hazardous ingredients. Labeling regulations require markings like number of pages, weight, size, hardness (for pencils), type classification (for ballpens), brand name, trademark, manufacturer’s name and address

To help parents avail of discounted prices, the provincial offices of DTI-3 have partnered with suppliers in holding Diskwento Caravans in the different areas in Central Luzon, particularly in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan (May 15-16), Baler, Aurora (May 17-18), Plaza Mayor, Balanga (May 17-19), Rizal Triangle, Olongapo City (May 17-19), City of San Fernando, Pampanga (May 25-26) and in Rizal Triangle, Olongapo (June 2).