Based on the monitoring of the Department of Trade and Industry Regional Office III (DTI-3), the prices of basic and prime commodities in the region remained stable in the last quarter of 2016, despite rising inflation rates from October to December, 2016. In the last quarter of 2016, DTI-3 monitored the movement of the prices of basic goods and prime commodities. Of the 114 monitored items in major cities and municipalities, decrease in prevailing prices was registered in 48 items, increase in prices was registered in 26 prices while 40 items did not register any movement in the last quarter of 2016.

Of the monitored basic goods and prime commodities, canned sardines registered an average price decrease of Php 0.24, processed milk by Php 0.63, coffee by Php 0.16, bottled water by Php 0.36 and detergent/laundry soap by Php 0.36. The prices of candles did not register any movement while the prices of canned pork and canned beef rose by an average of Php 0.04 and Php 0.09 respectively.

Inflation rate in the country has slowly risen to a two year high of 2.6% in December 2016. However, this was not reflected in the prices of basic goods as monitored in the stores and markets in Central Luzon in the last months of 2016. While the rise in inflation is modest throughout the past year, the increase in prices was concentrated in other products and services, such as food, non-alcoholic beverages, real estate and transport. Historically, the average inflation rate for the country from 1958 to 2016 is 8.58%.