The Department of Trade and Industry issued a new list of Suggested Retail Prices of prime commodities to guide consumers and sellers. The SRP list includes the prices of canned goods like luncheon meat, meat loaf, corned beef, condiments like vinegar, soy sauce and patis, soap, candles, batteries, bottled water, sardines, powdered milk, coffee and other consumer products.

The current SRP, dated March 20, 2017, was issued by DTI to reflect adjustments in the prices of several commodities which have increased compared to last SRP list issued in the last quarter of 2016. Compared to the November 2016 prices in the SRP list, only 18 out of the 118 prices of prime commodities listed increased. The increase in SRP prices varied from item to item, and ranged from PHP 0.05 to Php 1.00 for canned goods, from Php 1.75 to Php 8.00 for batteries and from Php 0.20 to Php 0.70 for processed milk.

The prices of most prime commodities in the new SRP list did not change. The SRP prices of 36 kinds of bottled water did not change, as well as the SRP prices of condiments, toilet, soap, bread and instant noodles.

The SRP list is provided by DTI to stores, groceries and supermarkets and applies nationwide, unless specified. The list can also be viewed on the DTI website Consumers are also advised to check the weight of the product in the product label and the price tag before purchasing.