Blessing and Launching of the BARB MPC’s Processing Center
Failure is not the alternative to success. It is something to be avoided, but it is also a temporary setback on a bigger, more significant course.
Balanga Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BARB MPC) did not escape from this fearful event which might happen to any one. Instead of giving up, they sought other alternatives to recover. BARB MPC did not succeed in the manufacturing of Doybags and relending so they adapted the veggie noodles project. DTI-CARP until now is giving its support to strengthen the group and to establish a niche in the market.
Through the convergence of support from different agencies, BARB MPC is now seeing its direction of attaining its vision. The synchronization program of DAR-DTI-DOST was an instrument to BARB MPC’s achievements. DAR provided the VLPCEP facility . The chairman of BARB MPC donated a piece of land where VLPCEP is constructed. 
DTI, through its Shared Service Facility (SSF) program, provided additional processing tools to improve its production and become more confident in the quality of its Veggie Noodles processing.
BARB MPC has joined the Likha ng Central Luzon. It is also active in participating in local trade fairs of DTI, DAR and other agencies. The group is also very receptive—they  believe that attending seminars and trainings are great opportunities in acquiring  skills or knowledge for them to become more competitive.

First photo: Market Matching | Second Photo: Techno Demo on Veggie Noodles Making   |   Third photo: Veggie Noodles – Selling Activity

BARB MPC is a pioneer in the processing of Veggie Noodles in Bataan and the second in Central Luzon. In fact, some of the provinces in Central Luzon who have veggie noodles processing learned from BARB MPC. Through its veggie noodles, BARB MPC is already known for the said product. BARB MPC is one of the destinations of the benchmarking missions coming from different parts of the country. Currently, the cooperative has increased its assets by 100% as compared to its assets in 2013.
Leonardo David, the chairman, together with the cooperation of  the members proved that the BARB MPC is assertive in struggling for success. ♦