Frenie’s Food Products
Frenie’s Food Products was established in February 2016. It was founded by Frenelie Ann L. Ong, who worked as a country manager of a Philippine Government agency (SSS) in Taiwan.
After 10 years of working abroad, she decided to come back home and put up a business because she saw a great potential in the food industry. The company aimed to provide healthy and quality home-grown products in a farm to market approach. She also aimed to generate livelihood for the community and to give recognition to her beloved town and province.
Nonetheless, for every journey comes adversity. It was not an easy path for a micro-business like Frenie’s. To reach success is a deep dive and risks failure. Real success comes from the inside of every entrepreneur. Through faith, persistence and help from the government, the company has moved forward.
The Department of Trade and Industry played a major part in the company’s growth through its assistance,  such as in designing of packaging and labeling of the products; participation in Diskwento Caravan and trade fairs, skills training sessions and seminars such as the Project Kapatid Mentor Me Program. At present, Frenie is an active participant of the KMME.♦