One of the indicators which can be used in measuring the success of an entrepreneurial endeavor is its increasing income and sales.

In the case of the Samahang Kababaihang Pangkabuhayan ng Dulong Ilog (SKPDI), an all-women association located in Sitio #4 of Barangay Dulong Ilog in Paligue ARC, Candaba Pampanga, the most prominent measures of their progress are the increase in number of members and the acquisition of additional machineries and equipment to augment their ever-growing production. The group’s primary aim is to involve all idle women into their GDH business.

Prior to the Shared Service Facility (SSF) Project, the SKPDI, started with only three (3) units of High speed sewing machines which they rented for PhP 500.00 per month. These were housed at their production area in the premises of the group’s President – Maxima D. Sarmiento. Their products were only limited then to lowly rags, pot holders and foot/doormats. When they became an SSF Project recipient, they were awarded with six additional units of High Speed Straight machines, one (1) unit Specialized Edging Machine, one (1) unit Embroidery Sewing Machine and one (1) unit Stainless Steel Working Table. Within a span of three (3) months of operation of the SSF, the association was able to procure the first three (3) machines they were renting out before. In addition, from pot holders and rags, their products levelled up to jersey shorts, sandos, shorts and pajamas, and other garments which maximized the operation of their project.

Through training on the proper usage of the machineries and other skills upgrading activities like pricing and costing seminars and various series of training – seminars/capability-building activities, under the SMERA and SSF programs, the growth of the group was swift under the leadership of “Apung Simang” as its President.

Their usual income/sales prior to the SSF was only PhP 5,000.00 per month. This quadrupled to PhP 22, 500.00 in the first quarter of its SSF operations. From the 12 members of the association before, it now grew to 20 members after the first month of the implementation of the project, and still continues to grow at present. After a year of project implementation, they were able to upgrade their production by adding seven (7) more straight machines to the existing nine (9) machines they were using (3 units prior to SSF plus 6 units from SSF).

In the first quarter of C.Y. 2018, they procured three (3) additional High Speed Straight Machines to cater to the big demand of their market under their new product lines which includes men’s shorts and undergarments. For them, more machineries, more women members of the association will be empowered in the community where they actually operate. Aside from their growing income, the number of beneficiaries in the project have grown bigger and bigger. This is now a clear manifestation of the success of the association in living up to their mission in their barangay ARC, envisioning that one day, there will be no more idle women in the Paligue ARC and that they will have a source of income for them to live a good life.♦