Manna ng Panginay started in 2004 as a small bakery, producing unique egg pies and regular breads. It is located at Bantayan, Panginay, Balagtas. The business is managed by Evelyn Dela Rosa and his husband. The latter is a seaman in a Japanese owned company based abroad. His wife, Evelyn, worked full time in business while taking care of their two sons at the same time.
Evelyn acquired her baking skills way back in 1985, at the age of 18, when she worked as a baker of an enterprise specializing in unique egg pies with tasty fillings. She enjoyed this type of job for six years.
Evelyn and the owner of the egg pie business became friends and established trust while the business bloomed. Egg pies sold over a hundred boxes daily to sweet and pastry lovers across Bulacan and Metro Manila.
After this, the owner of the egg pie business migrated abroad and entrusted the trade secrets of the business to Evelyn before the owner finally closed her business. For Evelyn, it served as the primary source of income and wealth of her family for a long period of time.
Evelyn studied and finished culinary arts in Our Lady of Manaoag Montessori to further improve her skills and capabilities. She bought a franchise of “Kambal Pandesal”, but later on decided to establish her own brand.
Evelyn and her family are active advocates of Children of Light faithfully attending religious activities and charitable works. The word “manna”, a biblical food which rained from heaven upon the command of God to save the Israelites from starvation and death during their long travel in Egypt, was retained to Evelyn’s mind while listening to a preaching in a bible study session.
The idea crossed her mind to revive the legacy of her friend, the egg pie manufacturer. The bakeshop was named “Manna ng Panginay”  as “Panginay” referred to a place where it is located. Manna ng Panginay has a branch in Bocaue and is planning to move to a larger site in Guguinto to establish a full blown bakeshop and restaurant.
In 2017 DTI-Bulacan launched its Kapatid Mentor ME program, Evelyn did not hesitate to express her intention to be part of the program which promises of continuous learning and business progress.
In July 2017, Evelyn Dela Rosa finished the KMME module. Equipped with knowledge and determination, she started joining local trade fairs like BUFFEX and attended forums to further improve her business. She even started constructing a new building in Guiguinto, Bulacan for the expansion of her bakeshop. She also plans putting up a coffee shop and pasalubong center in the area.
Because of this expansion, she decided to change the name of her business to “God’s glory bakeshop, Café and pasalubong center”.
Evelyn believes that dreams do come true, and it is just a matter of hardwork, determination and faith in God. ♦